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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by superandy4210, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. superandy4210

    superandy4210 Lurker
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    I just started using this on my galaxy s3. I'm trying to play goldeneye but it is very difficult with the z button in the top left corner on the touch screen. Is there a way to move the z button down closer to the a and the b buttons.

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  2. Covart

    Covart Android Enthusiast

    Touchscreen? Mate, you can't enjoy any game using the touchscreen.

    Do you have an original stock PS3 controller? If yes, continue.
    Are you willing to root your S3? If yes, continue.
    Do you have a cheap OTG (on the go cable, basically a micro usb to mini usb cable. To connect phone to ps3 controller)?
    Go to Google Play and download the 'sixaxis' app. It's 3 bucks I think.

    You only have to do this one time, but pair the ps3 controller to sixaxis app via the otg cable. Once set, you never need to use a cable again. Hit Start, change IME from keyboard to ps3 controller and your ps3 controller is now set. Minimize sixaxis and play your N64 game.

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