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MurderousOne's A2SD/EXT4 TestMod CWM (Advanced Users)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by murderousone, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. murderousone

    Thread Starter

    It took me A While 2 Get My Phone Working The Way I Wanted & Took mad hrs 2 get a2sd & bash working...

    This Is Just A Test, But It Does Work & I Will Work More On It..

    Customize How U Like...

    (Rom May Be More Packed With Added Files Due To Updated Modules!

    (The Rom Apps U Can Remove & Do As U Please)

    I Figure Id Contribute A Lil More, Instead Of Just The Vids I Made...

    So If U Like What Ive Done Donate or Just Show Some Thanks....

    Its All Goody...

    A2Sd Supported Now On EE14 Shabbymod 09 Loaded EXT4 HK CWM (A2Sd Support/EXt4 M1 TEST ROM) Credits Go To Shabby Intedeph & Hoark13

    SYSTEM Requirements: KMS, CWM, EE14 ROOTED, HOARKS EXT4 PArtition & Kernel, SD Card: Any Size On 1st Partition FAT32 & 2nd Partition EXt2.

    Tested With 2GB SD. Put Partition 1 In FAT 1.4GB / EXT2 500MB

    (Works With Larger)

    (Heres The Changes I Made & Added To The Rom)



    1St. I Made It So Everything Is Setup & Is Installed Off System Boot If Your SD Is Formatted & Setup Correctly..

    Just Gotta Follow These Steps 2 The T..

    (Also Do Not Run The Actual Darktremors a2sd Script After This Is Done Thru CWM Or This Wont Work)

    Ok Lets Start....

    This Will Be Flashed Thru CWM Recovery..
    So U Will Lose All Apps & Data!

    ( Again Whats Needed Is: Rooted EE14, Hoark Kernel EXT4, CWM SD Fat/ExT2 It Does Support Ext3/Ext4 If Your On Shabbys EXT4 Partition Then Your Already Good)

    1: Download My Recovery Files & Extract It To SD/ClockworkMod/backup Folder:

    My CWM Recovery Files: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DYBS3YU2

    2: Make A Backup Of Your System In CWM! (Just In Case)

    3: Once Your Done & All Backed Up In CWM, Run All Wipes On CMW, On Factory/Data, Dalvik & Cache Mainly..

    (If U Get A Error On Factory Wipe On SD-EXT Saying Not Being Mounted Your SD Is Formatted Wrong)

    4: Once Your Done Wiping, Then Run My Recovery Threw CWM Restore

    5: Once Your Recovered & Phone Is Back Up, Root Will Be Gone,
    Run KMS & Re-Root. KMS: http://bit.ly/oJx5WC

    (For Some Reason CWM Removes Root/busybox After That Start-Up.)

    6: Almost Done, Once It's Re-Rooted Your All Set. The Phone Is Rebooted & The Scripts Are Set On Boot Loadup.

    7: Now One More Time, Just Reboot System Again To CWM & Run The Wipes From Step 3 Again. So U Get All The Internel Memory Now That Your Rooted Again.

    9: Reboot Phone & Thats It. Then Test It Out!



    You Will Notice Free Internel Memory & Ram Memory Increase On All Aspects, Loading apps, Perfomance, Etc. Its Tweaked...

    (The a2sd Works Without Using The a2sdGUI App, But Also Works With It Also For More Features. But Havent tested Fully)

    TEST That @ Own Risk... & Reply With Whats Working Or Not...

    Some Experiences So Far With Running It & A Heads Up:::

    (If Internel Memory Isnt Staying The Same On Titanium BackUp, Its Just titanium buggin. What I Did Was Move the app Back 2 Internel & Then Back 2SD & it kicked in without tricking internel)

    Also if u factory/data wipe after u installed apps 2 SD, it will wipe your apps but not what i added..

    Test If Its Working: Download A Game 2 Test. Pay Attention 2 Internal Memory B4 & When It Installs Normally,

    I Tested With Zynga Poker & Zynga Words, Since Its Noticeable On The Internal Memory About 8mb each..

    Move 2 SD With Titanium Pro.

    & C If Your Internal Goes Back Up 2 What Is Was.

    U Can Also Check Your SD Card 2 C If Your App Is On SD Like It Normally Would B.

    If Its There, a2sd is Not Working & your partitions isnt correct.

    (Apps U Move Shouldn't Be Visible @ All On SD)

    AGAIN All credit Goes 2 The Original Developers Work.. Feel Free 2 Tighten It Up...

    I Wouldnt Have Been Able 2 Add This Without there previous work..

    (Also Would Like Anyone Who Has Knowledge Of The Rom 2 Take A Look @ The Files Added For Better Understanding Of What I Did & What Was Added)

    Lemme Know How It Goes. Any Probs Etc.

    A2SD Support For The Samsung Galaxy Prevail Baby...

    Who Said It Couldnt Be Done! LMAO!

    Enjoy It... I Seen Ya Had A Lil Trouble Be4.. So I Hope This Helps!


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  2. bhays3

    bhays3 Well-Known Member

    I think theres an issue with the link...doesn't get past "starting" for download
  3. murderousone

    Thread Starter

    Thats Weird I Just Installed On 2 Phones The Same Way I Described... u mean where its hosted? i can megaupload it
  4. bhays3

    bhays3 Well-Known Member

    yes i meant where it's hosted...it just gets stuck starting the download and never begins transfer..thanks for all your hard work BTW...would have taken me forever to figure out how to get this to work :)
  5. murderousone

    Thread Starter

    Yea Its My Server! Connection/Bandwith Has Been Kinda Shitty On My Servers For Me In NYC Since Irene Passed! Thanks Alot Though.. It Wasnt That Bad Once The Kernel Modules Were In There. It Was Def Brain Rattling But I Kept Trying Different Things.. Fried A 32GB Stick In Da Process But Its All Good... Ordered Another ASAP.. Ill Def Post Exactly What I Changed Another Time... Just Kinda Beat Right Now..... Def Will Post 2Morrow Or Later On If IM Awake From My Coma...

    My Recovery Files: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    U Can Use The 4.0 KMS 2 Re-Root.
  6. bhays3

    bhays3 Well-Known Member

    cool..thanks i'll let you know how it all turns out :)
    murderousone likes this.
  7. murderousone

    Thread Starter

    Yep.. Ill B On Laters.. Just Been @ That All Night, So Ill Def B On Later 2 Help Out If Anything Or AnyOne Has Problems With It.... So Far Its Running As Its Supposed 2.... Just Havent Check Certain Things Like Moving Davlik cache 2 EXT-SD Or Cache.. Due To Not Having Enough Space To Hold The Dalvik.... But Im Pretty Sure Ya Will Figure It Out... Ill Try My Best 2 Help & Make The Write Up On All The Edited Files As Soon As I Get Back..
  8. bhays3

    bhays3 Well-Known Member

    well...so far not so good....i did all the wipes and such, backup everything and all; all i ever got was just past the boost mobile animation a blue screen..it vibrates once, then twice, flickers and repeats and never boots..so oi just restore my previous backup ..i was on hroark's ext ROM and CWM EXT4 edition with all partitions as EXT4 Rooted EE14..the whole nine

    i noticed in above quote though "For using Ext3 & Ext4 For a2sdGui Supports & Swap (just gotta edit the scripts)" might be an issue with ext4 perhaps since you used FAT32 and Ext2 i don't know
  9. murderousone

    Thread Starter

    damn im sorry for that... i dont wanna b da only one using it or who can run it.. lol. sorry for making u waste your time.... i wish i knew how 2 make it bootable thru CWM...it would b so much easier.. the boot loop could b cuz i edited the build.prop & a few other files in there so they may not b matching..

    ive actualy installed this on my girls phone just 2 test after i got it working on mines & her's is still working fine... & i just did another one but not exactly as 1st thread...

    ill c what i can work up a simple way of doing it... but as for ext4 support, i really don't know if the ext3 & 4 actually work for right now... so use EXT2 please.. i added files for it but like i said i havent really tested mines using the ext4 on sd partition 2 but will tonight or tomorrow. but im am using ext2 & Its working fine.

    ok heres exactly what i did on her phone 2 to get it working once i figured it out & posted the 1st thread.

    1. I Downloaded The EE14 ROOTED VERSION WITH CWM AND HROARKERNEL & Restored The Phone 2 That Version Using Odin.

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    2. Once Installed, I Then Ran The ext4 Cache File thru CWM. for ext4 partitioning Which Is In The Above File.

    3: Wiped Thru CWM, Then Flashed Back My Shabby 09 Loaded. That I Edited to my likeings ETC... Here's The One I Used:
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service Also Edited The .bat so it can install correctly on hoark ext4 partition.
    (changed where it says rft to auto in shabby .bat but its done already if u download it.)

    4. I Wiped & Rebooted Once My Version OF Shabby Is Installed.

    All The Wipes Aren't Necessary But Just Going Thru What I Did.

    5: If Root Is Gone Re-Run KMS After.. Not Sure If It Removed Root After I Re-Installed Shabby.. KMS Included In My Rom Zip.


    6: After That I Partitioned The SD Using Ubuntu On Windows. Running Windows 7. Installed Ubuntu 11 & Once Installed Ran (Disk Utility)

    (Tried & Tested With Others Partitioning Software Be4 & Didnt Work The Same Way. 2 Each Is Own If U Get It Working With Your Partitioning Software.)

    But It Worked For Me On 3 Phones 2Day Using Both A 2GB SD & 4GB SD. fat/ext2 formats

    for ex: on the 3GB i made 1st partition 3.5GB FAT & EXT2 i made second 500mb partition... Worked This Way On Both SD Cards. Dont Know If 2nd Partition Has To Be 500mb, or B A Certain size but its what i used & more than enough space.

    Try The Way I Did It 1st, & If It Works Then U Can Work From There.

    7: I Downloaded MY Recovery Files: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DYBS3YU2& Extracted 2 PC & Then Added 2 My Recovery Folder To clockworkmod/Backup
    Folder In CWM On SD Thru The PC.
    should look like this sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/2011-08-
    (Folder should b not b renamed)..

    8: Ran CWM Recovery & Restore/

    Once Recovery Is Done & Your Booted Back Up & Phone Is Booted 2 Go Launcher Etc. It Should B Done.

    Then Follow The Steps In 1st Thread After The Recovery Is Installed & Done.

    I Did This On My Girls Phone Earlier & A Friends Phone A Few Hrs Ago After I Read The Response.. Using The Files I Posted.. My Girl Has Been Downloading Since I Posted The 1st Thread, Her's Is Still On About 113Mb Of Internal Memory That Doesn't Decline.
    Think She Installed About 6 Apps, a Weather Widget & A Game So Far On SD.

    Above Is Exactly How I Did It & What I Did 2 Get It Running On Her Phone..

    I Hope This Works Out Now... I tested on another Phone the same way & It worked. If it dont, its def the partitioning...

    as for ext3/4 u guys have 2 wait until i fix it.. by editing a few files later i can get it running, but ill get into that once i tested it fully...... for now I guess u guys gotta use ext2..

    Also Does Anyone Know If I oDin Backup My Phone Now With It Running The a2sd & Modifications I Made, The Way Hoark Did His Odin Backups, Will It Be Able 2 Flash Thru Odin?
    This Will Knock Out Half Of This I Posted...

    I Know How 2 Make Odin Backups Of My Phone.. Just Not Familiar What Gets Saved & If It Keeps The Rom & Files Intact?

    Ima Also Work On The Write Up For U Guys 2 Do It Manually. Its A Lil Process, But Ill Try 2 Make It As Simple As Possible, If Above Cant Be Done, Ill Odin It.....
  10. new optimus

    new optimus Android Expert

    Very good to hear, I would love to see what you had to do, I know I could modify what you have to suit me but if I can do it the way you did give me more what I am looking for.
  11. murderousone

    Thread Starter

    Yea i know it can b done optimus... i got it 2 work but just adding the files manually & pushing some thru adb...

    if u download darktremorsa2sd & then add the files manually with root explorer it will work.... i did it thru CWM & it dont work properly for some reason..

    once i moved the files

    then i edited the init.rc file. switched every where it says ext3 in the code to ext2... i guess u can switch this to ext4 if needed but need 2 change another file. not sure & havent tested that yet..

    then i added some kernel modules i found. the kernel modules run for this version of the Kernel: & are for the functioning of the ext3 & 4 Partitions. pushed those threw adb to the system/lib/modules folder. & also pushed my init.d folder to system/etc/init.d to run the scripts i added..

    (Just has a ram optimizing script that keeps ram memory & good balance & the kernel scripts 2 mount the SD on the 2nd partition..)

    then had 2 edit the install-recovery.sh file adding this so it can pick up the kernel modules for ext2... (Without Editing It Wont Work & Is Problably Where U Guys Are Having Mount Trouble.. I Dont Remember The Actual Location Of The File But Its There So Look 4 It.)

    For Ext3 & Ext4 It Should Get Changed To This. Note The Mount -t ext4
    downloaded the a2sd enabler & pushed it with adb to: data/local/temp folder.. this allows the a2sdgui app to work..

    also had 2 push my bash folder to system/bash

    Above Is The Manual Way...

    I Also Re-Did The Shabbymod.bat Lastnight & Set It Up So That It Will Push The Write Files Where They Need 2 Go. Except For The Install.recovery.sh & init.rc. (those u have 2 edit yourself due to i dont know what sd your running.)

    U Can Flash The Same Way U Do The Shabby normally & its the same thing just with the added kernel modules & files i added..

    U Can Also Take A Look @ The Difference In The Mod That Way & What I Added 2 It.

    Here's My Version Of The Shabbymod 09 Loaded With The A2SD:http://bit.ly/qAtmlQ

    Its Different Then The One I Posted Before On Megaupload
  12. jeorgie82

    jeorgie82 Newbie

    Will it be ok to use Royal Android v4.1 CWR on your mod , Mr. MurderousOne?
  13. new optimus

    new optimus Android Expert

    yes, themes are just themes
  14. murderousone

    Thread Starter

    yea for themes it will work the same as shabby... its the same shabbymod. just added some files 2 it...

    but i noticed that once the phone is rebooted the files delete & the ext2 gets unmounted.. having trouble getting it 2 mount on bootup again... working on trying 2 fix now... so the mod may not work unless u mount the partition 2 ext on boot up... also if u type df into adb while a2sd is installed, it gives u a list of the dev/blocks that have 2 b mounted. one of them is for the sd card.. just dont remember cuz this aint the only phone im working on..
    sorry bout that.. ill get it working again & will just post the instructions... i dont want u guys 2 keep flashing your phones & it dont work... jus posted the mod so u can c the files added...
  15. new optimus

    new optimus Android Expert

    its good, I wont be able to look into it much I am moving on thursday and tomorrow im packing. today im procrastinating. :D
  16. murderousone

    Thread Starter

    Lol.. 2day your procrastinating.. i like that one... lol... same here... yea but once it get it perfect & flashable with nothing getting erased ill def post it up.. u have a save & good move 2 your new home... i know moving & packing can always b a lil frustrating.... :D ill def keep u posted...
  17. jeorgie82

    jeorgie82 Newbie

    your mod works really good. I started to set up my wifi settings and it load up ryte away.
    M1 you got talent to not disappoint. I thank you for it.
  18. bg812

    bg812 Newbie

    hey iv tried to download and its not up?
  19. murderousone

    Thread Starter

    thanks for that.. the credit really goes 2 the shabby & the hoark... its the same rom, i just added some working scripts to the init.d since they added that 2 the kernel & added the bin kernel modules...

    Update Of The A2SD...

    the a2sd isnt perfect & im still working on it... i hope someone with knowledge of mounting ext2 & linux swap partition can get it working with no probs... havent messed with phones since the g1 so im rusty & winging it....
  20. murderousone

    Thread Starter

    link is up now.. has 2 restart my server.
  21. murderousone

    Thread Starter

    Heres A Update On A2SD

    the problem with the a2sd ive noticed so far is the ext2/linux swap Not Being Mounted. & it Wont Even Show Thru The Terminal Emulator..
    If I Can Get It 2 Show & Mount It Would Work. tested with a 2Gb SD Fat32/ext2/linux swap.

    But The EXT2 Wont Mount.

    even if u change the init.rc & add it 2 the sd... (/dev/block/vold/179:1)
    Tried Also With (/dev/block/vold/179:2) which should point to second partition....problem there is that its the Fat32 partition thats mounted & not the ext2.

    in the gui if u try 2 move the dalvik it says not enough space on sd-ext... ill screen shot it..

    partition doesn't get mounted.. im really not sure if its still does work this way with the other files in place... cuz when i move apps 2 sd. i do not c them on data on the phone, or on the sd card @ all.... but the internal memory does go down a bit, but this can also b due to the dalvik & cache files not being on sd..... ill test more with that when my 32gb comes in da mail this week..

    also has 2 do with install.recovery.sh.. i believe cwm deletes that file on reboot & also init.rc get put back 2 original ext3 after u make changes.

    Heres What A2SD Reads through terminal.

    The Ones Without [-] arent working & are due to the sd not being mounted....
  22. murderousone

    Thread Starter

    Yea I Believe Its Working Now. Updated The Rom. But Its Just Not Running Everything Needed For a2sd... Like Dalvik & Data... Runs A Lil Crazy & Ill Explain Below.. I Did Some Testing & Here's What I Did & What i Noticed...

    I Wanted 2 Start Fresh Just To Check The Space Out When Installing..


    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Then Flashed ext4cache thru CWM thats comes with the file above.

    Then I Installed My Shabby Mod.

    Once Done & Everything Installed I Had!
    40.3mb Rom
    123mb Internal.

    Then Installed a2sd Though CWM
    Version Beta 04 - http://www.darktremor.info/files/a2s...a04-signed.zip

    Rebooted Phone & Phone Was Still @
    40.3mb Rom
    123mb Internal.

    Then added my info to the market & it started 2 update the google apps, mail, maps, etc....

    Once That Was Done. I Integrated the updates 2 Rom & internal went down 2:

    36.3 rom
    112 internal

    But then i
    Downloaded Andftp & terminal emulator & moved 2 SD & then it went up to:

    116mb internal

    Which Is Wierd When It Said 112 Before..

    Downloaded zynga poker it went down To 103mb then added 2 sd..
    36.3 rom
    114mb internal

    Downloaded Beautiful Widgets 3.6 Move 2 Rom + Downloaded The Beautiful Animations Pack add on & Moved 2 SD With Friendcaster Pro Said 106mb

    Rebooted The Phone.

    then went 2

    33.0 rom
    108mb on internal...

    So Its Pretty Weird. Also None Of The Apps Are Visible On SD...

    The Updates Made The Internal Drop More Than The Apps 2 Me.
    I Didn't Install Anything Though & Internal Just Started 2 Go Down With The Updates.. A Good 12mb It Went Down On Internal With Just The Google App Updates.... Even Moving Them To The Rom Decreased The Internal..... & Also The Dalvik Cache Files & the files that go into the data/data Folders When U Install A App Makes Internal Go Down....

    But I Am Getting More Space On Internal Than Before Now When Moving 2 SD. Speeds Are Faster On App Loads, Haven't Had A Laggy Or Freeze Up Moment & Apps Run Fast & Smoother Off SD, Rom & Internal. Normally I Would've Had Lower Internal Memory, With What I Installed...

    Just An Update On The Space.....
  23. murderousone

    Thread Starter

    Ok i been doing alotta testing on this all for a while, testing on the shabbymod & i finally got it working..

    The Previous Post Were Me Testing This Out So Anyone Who Has Downloaded The Rom I Posted It Wasnt Working Fully....
    You May Disregard Those Instructions. This Will Be The Final & Working Way To Do It....

    The problem was the SD card not mounting the ext2/3/4
    partitions on bootup. this is why the a2sd wasn't workn or showing up...

    If u want this 2 work on your phone its pretty simple after me bricking my phone a few times... Here's what u have 2 do...


    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
    (U Do Not Have To Do This. Will Work Without This But Did It 2 Get The Most Space With Fresh Install)

    Then Flashed, ext4cache thru CWM thats comes with the file above.

    Step 2: Then I Installed My Modified Version Of The Shabby Mod.
    (This Has All The Files & Only Formatting SD Is Needed. Mounting SD For A2SD Support Has Been Added To The Install)

    (Added 2 The Rom: Ram Balancing Script, Kernel Tweak, Overclocking Script, EXT3/4 Support, A2SD Kernel Modules & Support.)

    Step 3: If U Used My Version Skip The Next Step. If Not Go To Step 4.

    Step 4: Installed a2sd Though Root Explorer.. Doing It Through CWM Wont Send The Files Right.
    Version Beta 04 - http://www.darktremor.info/files/a2s...a04-signed.zip

    Step 5: Format your SD. u can use the mini partitioning tool.)

    Make your 1st. Fat32
    2nd. Ext2 Or Ext3... (Ext4 Is Not Supported Right Now)
    Will Add Files Later.
    (I Tested With 2GB. 1gb:fat32 ext2:1gb.

    Step:6 Very Important: Mount EXT...
    (The ext2 doesn't mount automatically when booting the phone.. to make it boot auto & to where it needs 2 go type this thru adb...)

    IF YOU USE MY VERSION OF SHABBY THEN U STILL NEED THIS But U Can Use The Bat File I Made & While Phone Is On...

    With Phone In CWM Recovery & Using Command Prompt ADB Type:
    Once It Mounted U Should B Good. Reboot. IF It DontT Mount When Rebooted.
    U MOUNT With This Command In ADB:

    2 Check If Its Working Go Into
    Titanium Backup & Check If It Says A2SD.

    Screenshot Of How It Should Look.

    NOTICE IT SAYS A2SD For The Ext2 Now!

    Thats It. Hope This Helps Out & Sorry It Took Me So Long.

    Phone Runs Way Faster Now Also & GUI WORKS ALSO....



    Installing Just The Rom Is All Set Up & Once Phone Is On & Launcher Loaded. Run The Mount EXT.bat
    To Mount Your EXT2 Partition. Once U Close It. Check TB 2 C If A2SD Is On..
  24. joefanelli

    joefanelli Newbie

    Good morning M1,

    First of all let me just say that your hard work is much appreciated, please keep it up.
    Can you please tell me if flashing using the included M1-loaded.bat file auto formats the cache to ext and if not, how do I go about doing that? I feel as though I have followed your directions to the T and still when I use TB to check on a2sd is does not show it at the bottom where the other storage is displayed.

    Thank you for any help you can provide sir.

    P.S. Mount command you provide for use while in CWM at the bottom of your post doesnt seem to work for me and the one for use after having booted and ext2 not having mounted mounts my fat32 partition (my first partition) so now its mounted at both /system/sd AND /mnt/sdcard no apparent mounting of the ext2 filesystem at all.

    Sorry, and thanks again!
  25. inigomontoyasr

    inigomontoyasr Android Enthusiast

    These instructions are broken and M1 cannot reply as he has been banned permanently.
    You will have more success with koumakernel, partitioning your sd in cwm, and using the a2sd in these forums. The optimization scripts have their own threads also. That will cover all the changes this has in it.
    If you want an ext4 rom, you can flash the CTMod ROM.
    joefanelli likes this.

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