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Music Editor

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by dwightschrute, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. dwightschrute

    dwightschrute Lurker
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    Hello there forum goers!

    New to this site, but from what i can see it's top-notch.

    My concern/question is this. I have been using the MyTouch 3G for some time with overall success. I have a small problem with managing my music files. When i upload music to my phone I generally rip to my PC, then copy using wither Windows Media Player or just copy and paste to an external device. However sometimes it copies to the SD card, sometimes not. Also when i open an album the tracks are all out of order. Is there a good program that i can download for my PC that will allow me to organize/manage the music that i want to copy to the phone all at once and go from there? Also many times it will say the files have an unknown artist and lump all together in one large folder. I basically just want an easy way to manage this music and have it easily accesible, with album art as well. If i must delete all the music from the phone first, I don;t mind. I just want things more streamlined.

    thanks in advance!

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  2. Just drag and drop the files onto the sd card, that way you know they are going on there.

    If the tracks are id3 tagged correctly, this shouldnt matter.
  3. dwightschrute

    dwightschrute Lurker
    Thread Starter

    ok forgive me for being a bit of a goon when it comes to these things but how do i have a choice where it goes? and furthermore, is it better to put them on the sd card? there is a seperate place on the list artists in the music player that just says SD card.

    also what is ID3 tagged?

    Thanks again!
  4. Umm, yea, whatever folder you drag them to, is where they will go. When you open your SD card, just create a folder called Music, that way you know where all your music is.

    thats the only place you can put music.

    ID3 Tagging

    How did you get your music? Did you rip it yourself? Download it? Buy it? If you bought the music from an online site, it should have id3 correct and built in. If you ripped them yourself, most rippers will put them in automatically.

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