Music Files??


hello all!

im trying to move some of my music from my desktop to my new behold 2 and every time i try to move it onto my sd card it keeps popping up with an error... It says this music file is not accepted on this device... but ive had the g1 and all of this music on there before... they are all mpeg layer 3 type files... Is there something im not doing right? I thought it was just a simple drag and drop process....

oh and also, when i plug in my usb data cable the icon dissapears b4 i can mount it... is there a way i can access that command if that icon goes away? Thanks alot! appreciate it!


That is strange. The only things I can think of is to make sure the SD card is mounted for computer use and that you are dragging all the appropriate files to the "Sounds" directory--but it sounds like you're already mounting the card, so I don't know.