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[MUSIC][FREE] Timber Music Viewer

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by symoon, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Hi, my first post on androidforums.

    I developed this little app for musicians and karaoke singers. You can store, carry and view your sheet music/lyrics/audio tracks. As I'm not allowed to post links, just go to Google Play or Amazon app store and search for Timber Music Viewer.

    * 3 modes: chords, lyrics and score.
    * Timber Cloud for contents sharing.
    * Plugins for extended functionalities
    * Audio tracks playback
    * Audio-text synchronization for karaoke and live music
    * Enable the autoscroll feature just tapping the screen.
    * Change the key, font, size and brightness, or switch to a different mode with the handy remote control.
    * Quickly access your songs, or add new ones through the archive screen
    * Update the song metadata, browse the filesystem or take a picture of an existing score.
    * Multilingual
    * Android v2.2+

    I would like to have some feedback/suggestions to improve and make it a professional tool.


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