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Music from SD card while plugged in, in car

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Maddingo, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Maddingo

    Maddingo Member
    Thread Starter


    How do I have to have my Incredible set to have it play music from my SD card while I have it plugged into the charger in my car? When it's plugged in the SD card is not recognized.



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  2. Joshuahist

    Joshuahist Member

    When you plug it in, it gives you the option to choose which type of connection you want. If you choose Charge only, it will show you your SD card.

    If it doesn't give you the choice go into settings and clear the default.
  3. Maddingo

    Maddingo Member
    Thread Starter

    Tried that. It's set for charge only but still doesn't show my SD card playlists or music when it's plugged in.
  4. Maddingo

    Maddingo Member
    Thread Starter

    Any ideas?
  5. gaw316

    gaw316 Member

    Chances are the car charger requires you to plug in your USB cable from your charger somewhere? correct?

    Either way, both of the incredibles I had could recognize when it was the USB cable when plugged into my car charger (recently had to get a new one, after I discovered this problem)... I had to do this because my standard verizon one wouldn't work, so I used to USB outlet up top to charge it while I drove.

    For the record, I had the same exact problems as you, and it was MADDENING. It wasn't until I got my new incredible that I realized it was the USB cable.

    Use the standard plug for the car charger... or if you're doing something kind of crazy and have a USB outlet in your car... go out and invest in a charger you can plug into a power outlet in your car. Not expensive.
  6. Maddingo

    Maddingo Member
    Thread Starter

    Seems my Incredible only likes the stock AC charger which puts out 5v @ 1amp. Anything else stops the SD card from being recognized by the phone. I do have a power inverter in my car so I will try plugging the stock charger into that.

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