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Music issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by eddieras, Apr 29, 2012.

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    i hope someone can help - or point me in the right direction. i set up the music manager on my desktop and it messed up my music files on the phone - wrong album art, duplicate albums, etc. so i cleaned up the music on the phone and in a huff deauthorized my phone from google play. i then cleaned up all the files on google play on the desktop. couple issues- i can't see where or how to reauthorize the nexus. secondly, i unchecked 'offline music only' and it synced play to the phone but i know have multiple albums again but only on the phone. google play is perfect. i know it synced because some album art i changed on the desktop does now appear on the phone- yet the albums are messed up.
    lastly - i made a playlist 2x directly on the phone and both times it disappeared. i know made on on play instead... we'll see on that.
    can someone help me to get this in sync?
    how do i reauthorize my phone on play?
    i've spent hours on this - google help is useless- thanks for any assistance!

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