Help music on sd card screwed up??

i have an odd issue that i cant find any information on:

my music scrambles!!!! literally

Issue: when using my SD card for music, i drag the music files over to the SD music folder i created, upon doing this the songs will literally mix together..

i will start playing a music file, 2 seconds into it it will jump to a different song (while still showing its the original song) then jump to another song and another song.. all while still being on the same first file.. the music files are combining from what i can make of it.

i have a galaxy note sgh-i717 using oem 4.0.4 and the factory music player..

when i use my laptop this issue does not seem to happen, however on my desktop it seems to happen when: using my built in SD card reader, external reader, direct phone..

if it was the sd card, it owuld replicate on my laptop, if it was the desktop it would happen to every song (it does but not every time i file transfer)

its an odd issue...