Android Enthusiast
Dec 3, 2009
So when I bought my Droid, the offered me a "Bluetooth Package" which included the LG HBM-210 headset, a case, and a car charger (I can't remember if the screen covers were included or seperate). Is it possible to play music on that headset? Right now, after I pair it with my Droid, it only starts receiving sound when I receive or place a call. When I play music on the build-in player or with Pandora/ nothing happens. It just plays from the speaker. If I can't listen to music through it at all I think I'll probably return it along with the case/cover I got.
I'm not sure exactly which headset you are referring to but if your question is whether or not it is possible to get the Droid to play music through a set of bluetooth headphones then yes, as far as playing through a regular bluetooth headset goes then I do not think it is possible in most cases.
Yea unfortunately that will only work for making and receiving calls. Stereo bluetooth headphones can do both play music and call..