Music Playback Quality

Hi all,

What's the music playback quality like on the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570?

I recently purchased a Huawei U8150 IDEOS but have been unimpressed with the flat sound quality (quite happy with everything else apart from battery life). Just before this I had a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic which I was very happy indeed with the music playback quality.

Looking through the app store at alternative music players they seem to suggest that Android 2.3 seems to have some advanced sound features(?) and I believe I can upgrade to 2.3 on this device.

I'm just after a basic cheapish small profile device (don't like a big phone in my pocket), but a must is good sound quality as I probably use my phone more for music in the car than making calls. Do you think the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 could be the device for me?

Thanks in advance for any advice / recommendations / experiences shared with this device.