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Music Player acting weird after Froyo

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jackie_jagger, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. jackie_jagger

    jackie_jagger Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey just got the Froyo update,

    The media player fails to recognize the ID3 tags and says as Unknown title unknown songs, also the whole music collection have the same album art.

    I ran all my songs through mp3tag on the pc, and all the ID3 tags and album arts are embedded and are correct.

    I even tried to remove and put the songs back in...also cleared media storage numerous number of times, restarts also haven't helped.

    what can I do?

    any help will be appreciated...


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  2. Squared1200

    Squared1200 Newbie

    I'm having the same issue. Unfortunately I've not found any solution to the problem, but it's good to know it's not just me.
  3. Mushhushshu

    Mushhushshu Well-Known Member

    Are you guys using WMA files or MP3? When I upgraded to froyo custom rom my music player wouldnt read WMA tags properly anymore but was fine with MP3s.
  4. Squared1200

    Squared1200 Newbie

    yep, using WMA files.
  5. Mushhushshu

    Mushhushshu Well-Known Member

    I converted mine to MP3, I know its a bit of a ballache but I dont know if theres a fix for the WMA issue and I'd been meaning to convert my last few WMA albums to MP3 for a while anyway. Sorry I can't recommend anything less long winded.
  6. The_Hawkster

    The_Hawkster Newbie

    Have the same problem but album names are showing up fine, the songs still play just the artists names are now only recognised as "unknown artists" which is a shame as it's my only gripe on what is otherwise an excellent upgrade to FroYo with a few cool surprises thrown in.

    I'm just going to have to convert all my WMA. files to MP3 format now unless someone has a brainwave or an update quickly swings our way, have just tested it out on a couple of songs and the artists names show up fine.

    I found an audio convertor online from here if anyone needs one: Audio Sound File Converter Software. Convert wav, mp3, dvd, midi, dvf etc.
  7. Squared1200

    Squared1200 Newbie

    Agreed, it is a minor thing and I'm loving the rest of the update. I'll just see what happens over the next few days and then either use another media player or start the conversion process.
  8. jackie_jagger

    jackie_jagger Member
    Thread Starter

    Mine are MP3, as of now I'm trying to transfer the songs in small packets, like 20-30 songs at once, and letting the list build in the Music player, its helping till now...try it out ...cheers
  9. Marsh

    Marsh Lurker

    Ouch. Since downloading Froyo, like several others my music collection is jumbled and not recognised. I have tried clearing it and downloading anew, trying MP3 and WMA formats, to no avail. The music player can no longdr play my trcks. Not good. Hope HTC get this sorted!
  10. Fatwaz

    Fatwaz Well-Known Member

    use mixzing here and after upgrade lots of my artists are unknown too when they were there before and yes they are wma files.cant be arsed to convert em all though so hope there will be an update to mixzing later
  11. Mushhushshu

    Mushhushshu Well-Known Member

    I dont think the problem lies with mixzing - mixzing reads the default library, the same one that the default player uses. Its a problem with the phone firmware.
  12. OmahaMark

    OmahaMark Lurker

    I have a mix of WMA and MP3 songs in my song library. This morning (froyo + 18 hours), I noticed all my album art has been scrambled. It's showing Van Halen album artwork while playing Kelly Clarkson, Weird Al with Weezer, etc. Everything seems to be scrambled, not just one or two.
  13. Eric Katarn

    Eric Katarn Lurker

    Since I upgraded my droid to froyo WMA and MPEG-4 layer don't play at all in the defualt music or in music player downloaded from the market.
  14. OmahaMark

    OmahaMark Lurker

    I was browsing my files with a file manager and noticed several desktop.ini files. It appears these came over from my Windows PC when I originally copied my files over to the SD card. Using the file manager, I deleted one of the desktop.ini files from the album art that was currently being displayed. That seems to have helped. Most (if not all) of my album art/artist information is being displayed properly now. Weird.
  15. pboonstra

    pboonstra Lurker

    Right after Verizon updated my Moto Droid with Android 2.2, my music player had all songs listed with unknown artist - all album and artist info was missing. (Same problem as the original post on this thread)

    I rebooted the phone and everything came back to normal. I suspect that the media-related background services (like Media Container Service) got confused during the 2.2 upgrade.
  16. gak001

    gak001 Lurker

    I'm having some serious music player issues as well - I upgraded to Froyo on my Moto Droid and now most of my music collection isn't recognized. It's especially strange because it's not just m4a files, but a lot of mp3 files aren't recognized either. In fact, with one album, it recognizes disc 2 but not disc 1. WTF?

    I've tried everything from clearing data to moving the files into a specific music folder. I've even tried pulling them out and having iTunes convert everything to mp3 (or "reconvert" if they already were mp3s) all with no luck. I'm stumped and pretty irritated.

    Anyone else have some ideas? I've been searching forums and trying things for at least a week.
  17. carbonara

    carbonara Member

    Same issue here on HTC Desire after 2.2 upgrade. Most album art missing and all music listed as "unknown artist". Deleted everything and copied a few albums across but still the same thing. Album Art Grabber managed to get the album art again but the even though the albums were listed as unknown artist in that too. All files are WMA.

    To be honest I think it's unacceptable. It's broken a main feature of the phone and I'm not sure how the average user is supposed to put up with it compared to an iphone when you have to jump through hoops just to get your music displayed properly. It's a big minus point for Android in my opinion and I'd rather they concentrated on getting these core feature working properly than releasing stuff like chrome to phone and gestures.

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