Jan 19, 2011
Central California
Hello All!

Before I got my Huawei Ascend phone I had a Sansa View media player and it worked great (until the selector wheel broke) and it played all of my music! When I got my Ascend I transferred my music to my phone's sd card but the Phones music player will not play all of my music, most notably WAV or WMA files and I have quit a few of those. It won't even see them unless I hook my Phone up to my computer.

Do I need some kind of app, widget, or add-in file to get my music to play on the Ascends music player? Or do I need an entirely new or different music player on my phone??

Please Help!!


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PowerAMP - you can get it in the market - there's a free (trial) version that will stop working after like 2 weeks or something OR there's a paid version which I recommend because the dev's responsible for powerAMP did one hell of a job!

give the trial version a spin before you purchase the full version just to be sure it's right for you. just know that the trial version is limited and the full version is AWESOME. :D
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