Help Music player keeps embarassing me.. how to shut off


Basically I cant get my music player to shut down. This happens periodically and it gets really annoying (and embarrassing when Im in class). I searched and read the only way to shut it down is to use the exit/return at the full screen music player and then go to your app killer. Even if I follow these steps and then unplug my headphones the music player will usually 'turn back on' and start playing music at full blast out of my speaker..:eek: How can I kill this thing once and for good?? btw im using advanced task killer, thanks.


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Try force stopping it from Setting>>Applications>>Running Applications....tap on the music player and force close.

Or before unplugging ear phones...pause it. I am using TuneWiki music player and its better than default one. Also it doesnt auto launch itself or default music player.


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I had the same issue with two captivates.

I dont know what causes this.

Its real nice when it happens in a meeting.

No one wants to hear Crystal Castles.....


Same issue, I'm thinking of removing the application.

Sometimes it isn't playing anything but I find it running killing my performance. Its very annoying.

(Rooted, OCLF)