Music player - small gap between songs

Have been using the HTC and Android music players on the Desire, both pretty decent and do the job. However when listening to a mixed album where the songs - despite being separate files - mix into each other, there's a small gap/delay as it stops playing one song and starts the other.

The Android player's gap is shorter than the HTC version (which is a shame as I like the HTC's widget), but there's still a gap. Is there anything I can do to either widget so that there's no small delay? Or alternatively is there a music player out there that will play the songs with no gap?

El Blacksheep

Android Enthusiast
"Museek" player in the market is capable of gapless playback. I am not a big fan of
this player but I use it because it has this option. If it can be done for this app why
not others?

Spent 5 minutes googling "gapless playback on android" and this is what I found.