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Music PlayerPro, playlist import?

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by Heartwire, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Heartwire

    Heartwire Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys.

    I just got the app Music PlayerPro, and i actually like the music player and its features.
    Though my only problem i have with it, is sorting out playlists.
    Is there any way to import them from my PC.
    If so how?
    Creating them manually when i have a 16 gb SD card full with mp3's is well yeah..

    I know i can import playlists to the stock player from WMP (im using a Samsung Galaxy S i9000), but Music PlayerPro does not appear to read them, and i cant direct it to the playlist folder either.

    If anyone has any idea how i could get this done, or if its even possible, id appreciate it if you would share that with me.

    I did do a forum search but no usefull results unfortunatly, also google didnt help either.

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  2. slaman

    slaman Newbie

    Put your phone in Media Player mode... and then Sync the playlists using WMP... sometimes it won't work, and if you make changes, it breaks... but I then just manually drag/drop the playlists into the sync window and re-sync that way...

    Sometimes, I'll manually copy the .wpl files into the same relative directory on the sd card (if on the PC your playlists are stored in ../music, then place it in the same folder)

    Not flawless, but it's helped... playlist sync with WMP is just messed
  3. Renton27

    Renton27 Guest

    Just to expand on this, Slaman explained a bit deeper here that wpl playlist files from winamp and, with further investigation, m3u files from other programs (I exported mine from foobar2000) will be picked up by the system 'Media Scanner' which runs routinely to pick up new photos, video, music etc. It doesn't matter where the playlist is, so long as the media scanner can see it (I think only on your SD card) it will appear in your list of playlists after a scan.

    As Slaman mentioned, it's 'import only' meaning that any new playlists created in playerpro can't be copied to your computer, and if you modify a playlist in player pro copied from your computer the changes don't get saved to the file.

    This means you can't do a true 'sync' but it's enough for me as I only need to push playlists from my computer to my phone, not vice versa. Here's hoping that in time the devs will allow playerpro to use m3u files for it's own playlists so we can sync both ways.
  4. xxD44xx

    xxD44xx Newbie

    This is probably a noob question... What is Media Player mode? I've been creating/organizing playlists in PlayerPro. I love the app, but I'd rather import lists from my PC. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Sumcrazyguy

    Sumcrazyguy Lurker

    After 8 hours of trying to figure out how to export a playlist to my computer, I found Meridian Player (best media player for android I've come across) which can create a "playQ" playlist. this is an independent file as opposed to a database. there are a few steps involved but you can copy the "play Q" file (which has a .mpq extension) to your computer. this file can then be converted to a .m3u playlist fairly simply. Use Notepad++ to open the .mpq file.

    01. Delete all characters before the first instance of "localAudio id"
    02. Replace all (" /><) with (\r\n) without the parenthesis. \r\n moves the text to the next line, make sure to select extended mode
    03. replace all (LocalAudio id="/mnt/sdcard/Music/) with (D:\Music\) or wherever the music is
    04. replace (&amp;) with (&) - there seems to be an error with the & symbol
    05. delete "\Items><\PlayQ>" at the end and save the file with an .m3u extension

    Here is a link to the original post from where I got the information. I did have a different experience then what is shown here, but very useful:

    kundaistreet: Export Android Created Playlists To PC
  6. Sumcrazyguy

    Sumcrazyguy Lurker

    If you format your directories the same on your computer and phone you can simply drag and drop the playlist file. If they arent the same, just open your playlist file with notepad++ then find and replace all instances of "c:\music" (or wherever your music is) with "\Storage Card\Music"

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