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So today my phone started playing music on its own. Here are the things i checked and the things that are NOT on.

  • It is NOT DoubleTwist.
  • It is NOT Winamp.
  • It is NOT a process running in the background, the only thing running is Swype and even shutting that off didn't make it stop.
  • It is NOT an alarm.
  • It is NOT a ringtone, notification, alert of any sort.
  • I wasn't receiving a phone call.
  • I rebooted and it stopped BUT 4 minutes later it started playing again.
Has anyone experienced this on the Nexus S? Anyone has a fix for this? I've been looking and didn't find any solutions, the only solutions that people linked were links to 404-pages not found.

-Help! :thinking:


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Have you noticed your ringtones/alerts being changed? There is a bug with the Nexus S which assigns random MP3s to custom ringtones you have set, e.g. if you load an MP3 file as an alert sound, sometimes it changes to a completely different MP3 which could be a music file, and if an alert comes in, you'll suddenly find music playing. You say it wasn't a ringtone/alert but not knowing how you checked that, just making sure you know it could still be one even if it's not one you set yourself.

Other than that, no can't help ;-)


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I've had this issue on my phone (which is sadly not a Nexus S). I was waken up in the middle of the night: my phone started blaring out some AC/DC for no apparent reason. I'm still unsure of the exact cause, but it might have had something to do with dust in the headphone jack triggering the play/pause.

I had to get in the music app, press play and then press stop because it wasn't even showing any music playing, but the stock music app really was at fault.

Good luck solving the issue. ;)


I have the same problem and this is the 2nd time happened.Downloaded Taskiller Free according to another forum website advice but it did not show what casues this music play.However it suddenly stopped after 2 mins, killing all the tasks on my phone! I say it is a bug or a glitch on phone software or maybe a game causing it.

Miroresh do you have Gun Bros oon your phone ?


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Just root the damn phones and use root explorer to delete the stock Music.apk ,and use Winamp for ex. to listen to music. Any who ...that's what i did.