Music Problem (in almost every music aplications))

For example, i have an album "The Forest's Arcanum", and this album splits in two: "The Forest's Arcanum", which is correct (and contens a few songs) and "The Forestâ€^tm Arcanum" which isn't the correct (with the other songs)
And yes, everything is well edited.


Android music players don't usually have problems with albums, like splitting them. You state that everything is "well edited". How and what did you use to check or edit the ID3 tags? What's the "The Forestâ€^tm Arcanum" about? Where's that coming from? It looks like a text encoding problem or corruption. Is that in the MP3 tagging?


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I edited with mp3tag writting myself.
Anyways this is wierd: i have this word "Pamięć" in an album and appears "Pami€^tm (plus a a weird symbol similiar to #), then I change the word to "Pamiec", and surprise, the word appears correctly (probably album data was saved correctly in the internal storage) ; but i can't change to "Pamięć" because the error continues.