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Music problem transferred to SD card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Canesfan, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Canesfan

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    Transferred my music from iTunes to a new SD card. (The card was bought at Best Buy, and am certain it is not a bootlegged card.) My problem is that my music, when streamed to various Bluetooth devices, exhibits occasional skipping, some worse than others. On most tracks, there are 1-5 split-second skips during playback.

    It has also happened with two other SD cards with my Note 4. When I play the same tracks from my iTunes collection on the same Bluetooth device but using my iPad, it doesn't skip. Is this therefore an Android problem, or my individual phone's? Anyone have any ideas?

  2. touringhaggis

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    I have streamed music via Bluetooth to four devices over the time I have had my Note 3/4. These are

    Sony head unit in my old car (cannot remember the model)
    Sony MW600 headset adapter
    Samsung HS3000 headset adapter
    Media center in my Toyota Auris

    In all cases, other than the Toyota, there were/are a few dropouts. I would say that I got about 5 - 20 glitches an hour. I assumed at first that these were caused by interference (because the adapters wound need to send/receive through my body and the Sony head unit was so cheap), but the dropouts were very much worse when I upgraded to Lollipop. Even the Toyota media center would have problems. I reverted back to KitKat (actually this was my main reason for doing so) and the glitches went back to normal.

    So, in my experience, the quality of the Bluetooth device (and probably the version of Bluetooth it supports) is relevant, but also the OS of the phone has an impact.

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