Music Stream App



I'm new on the Android Forums, but I'm looking for an app.
To be specific, an App that can stream music from my phone, to the
speakers that are hooked up to my PC. I don't mind running some sort of
server om my PC though.

Thnx in Advance,



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Interesting request ...

You could PROBABLY plug in a bluetooth dongle into your PC, and pair it up with the phone and possibly use the PC as "headphones" which should do what you're asking.

The BETTER solution? Have all your music in a place that ALL your devices can get to it. Google Music is "ok", but you have to upload all your music to it.

I use Subsonic. My music sits on a box in my house. I run Subsonic on it - and every computer (including my desktop and work computer) and every smartphone in my family (Android, iPhone, tablets .. whatever) can stream the music from it.

Subsonic doesn't get nearly enough press.