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Music Stuttering

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rec, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. rec

    rec Lurker
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    HTC Desire
    Android 2.2
    O2 UK
    Not rooted

    My phone was recently updated to 2.2 OTA and since then every song I play using the standard music app will stutter at some point between 2s and 15s. Every song, without exception. Once it has been playing for ~15s the stuttering will not occur. If I restart the song then the problem doesn't occur either - almost as if it stutters whilst the MP3 data is being cached.

    This issue *never* happened to me with 2.1 (which the phone came installed with). All my MP3s are 220Kbps VBR.

    I also have terrible battery life (much worse since 2.2), longer charge times and sluggish performance, but it's the stuttering music that I find the most annoying. :)

    I always disable Wi-Fi when I'm out of the house and I only turn on GPS when I need it. I have tried messing with my auto-update settings for Facebook, etc. but still the music stutters. I also read that you should leave at least 60MB phone memory so I moved all apps to SD card that I can and now have ~65MB free.

    All I can think of next is a hard reset but I really don't want to avoid this if possible. I have a SANDisk 16Gb microSD card installed and transfer my music using Windows Explorer into an MP3 folder on the card.

    Any tips, hints or advice would be very welcome as I listen to a lot of music on my phone and this issue is driving me nuts.

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  2. dagon1

    dagon1 Lurker

    I have a WellCom A88 with Android 2.1 which I just flash/upgraded to 2.2 yesterday and suffer from the same as you described!! Have you found any solutions yet?

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