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Music transfer from PC to Commando?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mikemac43016, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. mikemac43016

    mikemac43016 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi everyone, didn't see this topic specifically posted before, hope I'm not duplicating.

    I just got my Commando (first smartphone) I'm attempting to put some music on the phone from my library on my PC. At first I had trouble with getting the two to talk to each other at all but I resolved by using the Drivers I found in another thread. Should transferring music files to the phone be as easy as dropping a file into the MUSIC folder for the phone? My windows Explorer is acting extremely slow and unresponsive when I'm attempting to open any of the C771's folders, same behavior when I attempted to drop a file in, status just sits with no progress.

    thanks for any thoughts or insight!

    **EDIT: I discovered in the user guide that I needed to move the USB connection to Mass Storage and move files to the music folder which works.

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  2. hoosintex

    hoosintex Lurker

    I had the same question. This is what I ended up with. With the phone plugged into the pc via the usb cord. Go to phones settings, select USB, select USB connection, and then next, and select mass storage for file storage or music sync for putting music on the phone. I then used media player to sync my music from the pc to the phone. Hope this helps.
  3. kb0nly

    kb0nly Member

    Let me explain how i do this...

    Get ES File Explorer. Share the Music folder on your computer, set a password if your worried about security or if you use public WiFi at times with the computer if its a laptop. Connect the phone to your WiFi network that the computer is also on, open ES File Explorer, tap LAN and find your network share, now you can select music files and select Copy, then you tap Local to go back to the phone contents and then navigate to the Music folder on your memory card and select Paste. Done!
  4. eppie20

    eppie20 Newbie

    my computer was slow at opening my music files on my commando as well via the usb cord
    I just took the micro Sd card out of the phone put it in it's adapter and dragged and dropped
    in my music folder.I've had no probs so far with this.Not the most "high tech" way to do this but it worked :)
  5. Kobra7734

    Kobra7734 Newbie

    i use 2 apps 1 is remote web desktop the other is air droid

    both allow u in wireless to connect to any wireless network and move files between phone and computer through there browser using an ip address the app gives u essentially making the phone another part of the network
    air droid gives an option to use a secure password automatically changed everytime u use it displayed on the phones app

    without having to download drivers so if u go somewhere and someone has a song u like u can just move it without jumping through a lot of hoops
  6. ryjay44

    ryjay44 Lurker

    This might be a silly question, but how do you turn off the music player? I downloaded and transfer music w/o problems, but where is the stop button to stop the music from playing? What I did do, is reset the song back to 0:00 and hit pause, but shoyuldn't there be an off button....or stop?
  7. Kobra7734

    Kobra7734 Newbie

    once u pause a song and get out of music it pretty much stops it

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