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Musics and photos sync problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by devilmaycry1611, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. devilmaycry1611

    Thread Starter

    Hi Guys, I'm having some problems in putting my own photos into HTC Desire. Supposingly, when I create a new folder "Albums" in sdcard for my photos, the phone should automatically recognize and create a new album named "Albums" rite? It doesn't work for me. Seems like my HTC desire can't recognize any photos unless I put them inside DCMI folder. Anyone has the same problem?

    And 1 more thing, how to refresh music library? everytime I add more songs into my sdcard, i can't see it inside music library unless I reset it to factory default.

    I've search 4 the solutions and tried a few ways but i can't solve this problem. Please kindly help.


  2. devilmaycry1611

    Thread Starter

    Anyboday has the same problem? Please help. Is there any specific name of folder that I need to create so that the fone will recognize?
  3. kboya

    kboya Android Enthusiast

    create albums folder within DCIM either using windows or astro file manager

    all my music is within folder mp3 and auto-updates when opening the music player.
  4. devilmaycry1611

    Thread Starter

    Thanks 4 ur reply. If i copy all the photos into DCIM folder, yes, the fone can recognize them but it will dump all the photos into 1 album "Camera shots" which will store both of my own photos and those photos that i've taken by the camera. I'll be a mess. I don't know why my phone can't detect the folder name as album name.

    For the music, all my songs is within MP3 folder also but music play doesn't auto update it :(
  5. hashmat

    hashmat Member

    For it to recognise newly added music you may have to restart the phone or you could use the app "SD rescan" ,which should do it on the fly.
  6. devilmaycry1611

    Thread Starter

    I suppose there's something wrong with my sdcard because even i restart the phone, music library also can't recognise those new songs, i've downloaded SD rescan, but it scaned my sdcard for 1 hour and i think should be forever if i didn't force to stop.

    My big problem is photos, i'm going to format this sdcard and see how it'll work.
  7. DesireMe

    DesireMe Android Expert

    I connected the phone to the PC. Created a folder called Contacts and transferred plenty of pictures to the folder.

    When creating contacts and selecting the picture, i selected "Photos" and the folder contacts was there and showed all the pictures. Similary, if i go into camer, select the images, then press the albums button on the left and the contacts folder is also visible then.

    So you don't need to create the folder in the DCIM folder, they go on the root.
  8. devilmaycry1611

    Thread Starter

    I solved my problem with photos, simply just format the sdcard, it works, kind of wierd. But I still can't refresh music library. I tried SDrescan but i don't know why it scans my sdcard forever, never finish. Please help.

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