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Must Have Applications

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by FancyNancy, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. FancyNancy

    FancyNancy Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Let me just say. I love this phone. I have had many complications though...
    1) When I first got the phone it wouldnt allow me to log into the market. I had to call Sprint customer service and reset the phone!:mad:
    2) It would not connect to my laptop until I did the reset!:mad:
    3) I have a pattern. I got locked out 5 times, Thought I could just log into my google account... not so! i took it to Sprint and he couldnt do anything. Had to go 3 days w/o a phone because he had to order me a new one!:mad:

    Despite these "issues" I love it. I downloaded a couple applications I wanted to know which ones you guys reccomend to improve my phone & to entertain me. Thanks.

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  2. cfrock

    cfrock Newbie

    Here's a few..
    Handcent and ChompSMS are both very good for messaging.
    Spare Parts is really good for the Moment in particular due to battery issue.
    QuickUninstaller is great, especially when you first start trying apps.
    Astro is a very good file manager.
    DigiClock is cool. My preferred clock widget.
    Dolphin browser is a great browser.

    I'm still looking for a really good Note app.
  3. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    Welcome to the forum. Honestly a lot of your negative experiences sound like user error.

    I recommend you keep your Android lean and mean to avoid application errors. Try out a few apps at a time to make sure it runs stable.

    I recommend google voice if you have a GV#, flixster for movies, just to get you started.
  4. 4runneradam

    4runneradam Newbie

    Tunewiki for mp3's and especially shoutcast radio.

    Handcent SMS for SMS and MMS

    sk sync for syncing my camera pics via wifi to my home pc

    taskiller used as a widget to kill all programs with 1 click

    Album art grabber to get missing album art for mp3s

    backgrounds for cool backgrounds

    Linda File Manager for a general file manager

    My tracks for gps tracking/mapping

    speed test for testing network speeds
  5. fopp

    fopp Newbie

    fx camera is a fun little app for camera effects. one downside is there is no digital zoom(which you can acheive by cropping anyways), and there is no flash support
  6. krishnac

    krishnac Newbie

    My vote for Thomson Reuters News Pro

    Its a fantastic little app/widget with a beautiful UI design that lets you quickly see headlines on the widget and read the stories in the program.
  7. funker

    funker Newbie

    I Love "Where?" It allows you to see the weather, traffic movie theaters and show times, gas prices and restaurants in your area and more. Plus, if you do need the gps to find your location, it asks you if it may use the gps for just a minute then tells you when it's done and reminds you you may want to turn the gps off to save battery. Oh, and it's FREE!
  8. Cirga

    Cirga Newbie

    A really awesome app I just started using on my Moment is Ultimate Faves.

    It allows you to organize all of your installed apps into carosels. The free version allows you to have 2 full carosels with 16 apps in each one. It runs perfectly smooth on my phone, and I dont have icons littering my desktops anymore.

    A couple others I use constantly are...

    Quick Settings - seems to be the best simple setting changer I have found personally.

    ShopSavvy - Actually works very well to give me a price comparison. I use it all the time at stores now. Any big sticker item I will scan the barcode and it at least gives me online price comparisons if nothing else.. which gives me a good idea of how much mark up I am paying. Works good on the Moment.
  9. xdavieexx

    xdavieexx Newbie

    I just got this app and I love it. I had BBC news before but it opened up the browser to read the full article while this app is all self contained.
  10. xdavieexx

    xdavieexx Newbie

    Does anyone know an app or widget that has let say your top 5 contacts with photos? Like what the Hero has?
  11. MikeS

    MikeS Newbie

    cfrock, you should checkout Note Everything, I was able to import all of my palm notes over with a little manipulation and it will import from other note applications.
  12. ghed

    ghed Newbie

    Here's my take:
    For those who don't have good UI, LaunchPro is a must have.
    Documents To Go
    Handcent SMS
    ES File Explorer
    Yahoo Mail and Messenger
    Advance ask Killer Free
    Barcode Scanner
    3G Watchdog
    Mini Info
    Android System Info
    Brightness Level

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