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Must have applications

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mobimop, May 24, 2011.

  1. mobimop

    mobimop Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Well I got my transformer today and I must say the market place is looking very bare, I read all of the hoopla on lack of applications but WOW it really is bad! Anyone have any suggestions i.e. does the Amazon market place support Honeycomb? Any other options?

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  2. rogone

    rogone Member

    Have you tried the android marketplace?
  3. mobimop

    mobimop Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yes thats what I'm using.
  4. mihaelb

    mihaelb Well-Known Member

    make sure you go to the 'root' at the top left, not just apps that were made specifically for the tablet (ie the whole Android marketplace). most apps will work fine for me that worked on my cellphone that ran Android 2.3 Gingerbread. only a handful didn't work properly/not at all on the Transformer. So in other words, there is a TONNE of apps out there that you can install! :)

    it could also have something to do with your location, maybe, if you're still not showing a lot of apps?
  5. I have to say I have had my transformer for a few weeks (great tablet)
    Just there are no apps on the market yet so there is no rush to buy the tablet :thinking:
  6. Gunner

    Gunner Android Enthusiast

    It will take a little time, but the apps will come. Especially as more quality tablets hit the market (Sammy, Toshiba, ASUS' next TF) and as Honeycomb matures. Also, as others have said, most of the phone apps will run on tablets, they just won't look 'pretty'.

    In 2008, there was only the G1 and no app market. Look where we are today.
  7. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Android Expert

    try appbrain, appslib and slideme as well for other great ways to find apps.

    Also, there is no reason why you cant side load apps from other sources.
    Plus, most apps that run on 2.2/2.3 will run fine on your tablet, they just wont be optimized for the larger screen.

    wait a few months and you will see far more 3.0/3.1 apps being released.
    your an early adopter, so its unfortunately something you will have to deal with.
    When the iPad1 came out there were very few apps specifically for it, you had to use iPhone apps and x2 them to fit the screen.
  8. mihaelb

    mihaelb Well-Known Member

  9. Its not that there are no apps its the fact that when you install an app
    that was made for a phone it works on the tablet with the a phone size

  10. mihaelb

    mihaelb Well-Known Member

    for the mostpart, it doesn't matter. I only have one app that I use that opens up wrong size. All the good games are higher-resolution anyways, so they don't suffer on the tablet (only the crappier ones get overly-pixelated).

    As for the interface, yes, some apps could use a different layout that would work better on the tablet, but I have only encountered 2 or 3 apps that it actually was significant-enough to be noticeable.
  11. Incredirebel

    Incredirebel Newbie

    Agree that the cupboard is a little bare but that better apps will come, in time. Also agree with others who say that most of the phone apps for Froyo work just fine although not "optimized."

    You know what is really ironic?? The tablet widgets for both Phandroid and Android Central are not nearly as good as the phone widgets I use on my DInc. For example, neither tab widget links to their forums, which to me is a no-brainer. Also the Phandroid widget really lags in refreshes. My Phandroid tab widget won't show articles newer than last Friday while my phone has today's articles. I feel like I'm better off just using the browser. So it seems that even the go-to sites for all that is Android have some work to do in this regard ...
  12. TexasBadger

    TexasBadger Android Enthusiast

    Looking for games? Go to your Google toolbar and enter "THD apk". Every hit will be a game that is optimized for Tegra 2. Download your favorites to your desktop.

    Trouble sideloading? Download the TF drivers from ASUS and install on your desktop. Then download and install Android Injector on your desktop. Plug your TF into your desktop, verify that the injector finds it, and start injecting your apk files. No root required!

    Looking for apps other than games? Start in the Android Market's featured tablet section and expand it. Everything there should work well on your TF. Also, maybe 50% of the phone apps elsewhere in the Android Market will fill your screen, look decent, and run properly. You find out by trial and error. Simply uninstall the losers.
  13. mihaelb

    mihaelb Well-Known Member

    If you are going to download games from outside the Market, make sure you have a good antivirus on your Tab. This is how all the recent infections got around: APK downloads.
  14. mihaelb

    mihaelb Well-Known Member

    Sorry, just to add to TexasBadger's suggestion, you can actually search the Market for THD and come up with all the legit apps too!

    thanks TB!
  15. Nutz

    Nutz Member

    Well, everything I downloaded works just fine

    1) PowerAmp (Flac player)
    2) RAC Traffic (only works in portrait mode)
    3) Quickoffice
    4) Angry Birds Rio
    5) UK TV listings
    6) Astro File Manager
    7) Advanced Task Killer
    8) Evernote
    9) Dolphin HD Browser
    10) CLZ Movies
    11) Barcode Scanner

    and a few more
  16. dhoffman1421

    dhoffman1421 Android Enthusiast

    Want Netflix!

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