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Must have apps for GNex and ICS

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by capulinflicker, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. d.knight99

    d.knight99 Android Enthusiast

    XBMC Remote - for controlling the HTPC
    Apparatus - really addictive and creative little game
    SwiftKey X - best keyboard around IMO
    Runkeeper - must have for runners!
    Desktop Visualiser - for more advanced homescreen customisation
    TimeClock - excellent time tracker for freelancers or consultants
    SwiftReply Deluxe - auto text message responses, can be tied into tasker too

    None are really ICS specific, but all really useful. Other UK specific apps include LloydsTSB and Natwest mobile banking apps, Lovefilm, BBC News, Catch That Bus, Movies and TrainTimes UK

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  2. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled

    Could you provide a link or author for Notifier Pro? Google, the search king, returns over 1000 results for that query.
  3. alamoe

    alamoe Android Enthusiast

    I go out of my way to find & use apps that are using the holo theme. If you're a reddit user Reddit Is Fun uses the holo theme. A new reddit app that's very very beautiful is Reddionic. And the new Astrid 4.0 is another that has been updated to the holo theme. It looks awesome too. It just goes to show how great the holo theme can look if the developer thinks carefully about the colors they use.
  4. NextNexus

    NextNexus Member

  5. dubie7006

    dubie7006 Well-Known Member

    Can you, or someone else with experience with this app, give me some more details on how exactly it works? By that, I mean do you just show the retailer the coupon on your phone? I would think retailers would want physical coupons. Do you normally use this more for local places or chains?

    Just DL'd and anxious to use it soon.
  6. gapi

    gapi Android Expert

    I'm kind of a curmudgeon bah hum-bugger on a couple popular ones out there..

    Light flow? All I need is a light. Not some resource hog battery sucking apk to tell me to pickup the phone by color code. AOKP's LED works well.

    Nova Launcher? I don't get what all the fuss is about. Its just a rearranged launcher of what is already there that is full of bugs. I uninstalled that bloat immediately.

    Titanium Pro.
    Rom Manager Paid with touch recovery.
    Root Explorer.
    Jorte Calender.
    Inverted GAPPs and what ever else will invert.
    Quick Settings.
    Android Music.
    Radar Now.
    ICS Browser.
    MOBO Player.
    SMS Pro
  7. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled

  8. jpinsl

    jpinsl Newbie

    From their website:

    Note there are no permissions to send anything out, so all the data is kept on your phone:

    Most modern HTC phones require compatibility mode setting the the "General Settings Menu" and have a limited color range.

    The app seems to require an awful lot of permissions, are they all really needed?
    Yes, there's a lot of monitoring required to perform the functions the app performs, below is a list of permissions and why they are needed.
    Receive SMS - to register when an SMS has been received
    Receive MMS - to register when an MMS has been received
    Read SMS - to count the number of unread SMS messages
    Read MMS - to count the number of unread MMS messages
    Read Gmail - to count the number of unread Gmails
    Camera - take photos - this is required on some samsung phones to control the camera flash as it won't activate until the auto focus system is initialized, this only happens with the camera permission.
    Read instant messages - to access new notifications from Gtalk
    Read phone state and identity - to not perform sound notifications when in a call
    Read Contact data - to be able to see if the last call was a missed call
    Read Calendar events - to show calendar notifications
    Prevent phone from sleeping - to change the color in succession when the phone screen is off
    Modify/delete SD card contents - to backup and restore settings to SD card, and for logging if switched on
    View network status - to notify when there's no signal
    Control vibrator - for vibrating the phone on notifications
    Automatically start at boot - to start light flow when the phone starts up
    Discover known accounts, view configured accounts - to list the gmail accounts for notifications

    KING LUFF Well-Known Member

    Good Thread...

    Mine are:

    Audio Manager Pro
    HD Widgets
    Lookout Security
    Where's My Water
    ESPN Goals
  10. Mr. Link

    Mr. Link Android Enthusiast

    I downloaded widgetsoid thanks to your recommendation and I am just floored. Functional shortcuts in the notification bar...way cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Bagua

    Bagua Well-Known Member

  12. Smalss

    Smalss Lurker

    QuickPic (better than Gallery)
    Nova Launcher
    Poweramp Pro
    Simple Calendar Widget
  13. flanimal

    flanimal Lurker

    I too am over the moon with widgetsoid for putting the control buttons in the notification bar.
  14. kylecummins

    kylecummins Android Expert

    Agreed, I have Wifi, brightness (with 3 custom brightness presets + auto) and battery % tgat if u click brings you to your usage info.

    Love it.
  15. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Android Expert

    Does anyone use dropbox? I installed it yesterday and uploaded photos from phone that new version supports. But I have feeling that it made battery life slightly worse and it seems there is no way to sign out of it. It's too early to tell and it might be due to enabling photo upload though.
  16. Thanks. That's a great breakdown of the permissions. I'm going to re-think it although I'm still apprehensive.
  17. g nexta

    g nexta Well-Known Member

    It will suck your battery and data dry if you don't adjust settings. You can't (I mean I can't) set it to automatically upload every pic to dropbox, or any cloud storage. I can take 50 pics just to choose 5 keepers. Then upload the keepers as groups.
  18. g nexta

    g nexta Well-Known Member

    expense manager
    GoSms Pro
    record my call
    vlingo (for the car widget)
    memoires (if ya got the time)
    carr matey
    Latitiude (if you wanna keep track of where your family is, even without them knowing about it, if they aren't so tech savvy)
    Angry Birds
    (just fkn with ya)
    Cam Scanner PDF Creator
    Lightflow (ONLY for customizing audio and vibrating notifications with nearly ANYTHING. funk the flashing lights.)
    Mobisle Notes
    games? Lately World of Goo, and Bacterium Evolution. wanna get Osmos soon
    I have much of what I see listed. these are just additions to it that I haven't seen here.
  19. Rogue

    Rogue Well-Known Member

    I wish I could download anything from the market. Stupid error 101 again. *sigh*

    I do love LightFlow tho.
  20. cwkiakacw

    cwkiakacw Newbie

    RocketDial (boy... does Vanilla ICS need it!)
    NovaLauncher ( " )
    Logmein (in IT support a MUST for me)
    HTC sense Clock widget (I know, I know... but it looks great and is functional)
    YouVersion Bible (The kitchen sink and then some for free)
    Voice Recorder (when the conversation gets tense, flip on the recorder)
    Wheres my Droid (you never think of it until you need it... giving it some props)
    And of course...


    After reading this think I am going to try Juice Defender and that goofy looking coupon program. not expecting much from either but what the heck.
  21. crm75

    crm75 Lurker

    Data Enabler Widget
    Light Flow Lite
    Share contacts via SMS (I really don't undersand why this option is not included in stock)
    StopWatch & Timer
    SwiftKey X Keyboard
  22. 1arryb

    1arryb Newbie

    Hi guys,

    Late to the party, but:
    I have a lot of apps loaded, but the (non-stock) ones I use every day are:
    Alpinequest (offline mapping and trail navigation)
    Juice Defender

  23. g nexta

    g nexta Well-Known Member

    It's said that juice defender for Andy 4 is not only unnecessary, but even counteracting what ICS has created for this issue.
  24. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Android Expert

    Well, it doesn't have any settings to play with other than photo upload and a few. I figured out "unlink device" is the same as signing out. Seems the impact on battery is very small, so I won't worry about it.
  25. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead

    Not sure if you know about it, but Box.net is giving every Android user a free upgrade to 50 GB if you sign up from your phone. You can also sign up multiple accounts.
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