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must have apps

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NiNi, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. NiNi

    NiNi G1/Cliq Guide
    Thread Starter

    List what apps you think are a must have.

    I will start....

    Astro file manager - backs up your un protected apps, installs apps from your sdcard, browse your sdcard with ease
    Atrackdog - keeps you up to date on all apps even if they arent in the market
    Google voice - well if you have a google voice account and use it its self explanitory
    APKatcher - it installs apps attached to your gmail right from your gmail app

    I will list more as I think of them.

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  2. Kray1

    Kray1 Newbie

    can you also state why they are a must have?

    someone in this forum told me about taskiller. it basically "kills" any running apps that causes lag and what not.

    I am also using Meebo alot to access facebook IM. if youre a fb junkie like me, you will need that.
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  3. NiNi

    NiNi G1/Cliq Guide
    Thread Starter

  4. matador

    matador Lurker

    Advance Task Killer is great also, it's like the task manager in windows.
    Barcode Scanner, it's a neat app. i know it's been out for a bit. but i am new to android.

    There's a lot of widgets in the Market that are neat. I like the ones from Curvefish. some examples are:

    Bluetooth On/Off, WiFi, GPS, AutoRotate, Ringer, Brightness.
    Basically they are shortcuts to change a setting quickly.
  5. NiNi

    NiNi G1/Cliq Guide
    Thread Starter

    also you can use ebuddy
  6. dfdtruck22

    dfdtruck22 Lurker

    DroidLive for listening to streaming music. Google Listen is the best podcast listener - it links your subscriptions to your gmail so you don't need to add them back in case of reset - and it's free! LastFM and imeem. Last, but not least, are Bookmarker and BookmarkBR. Used in conjunction, they allow you to organize your browser bookmarks and then backup and restore from sd.
  7. bikedogrun

    bikedogrun Member

    Pandora - music
    Slacker - Music
    Google Listen - Podcasts
    SportsTap - scores
    CardioTrainer - workouts
    NewsRob - RSS Reader
    T-Mobile My Account - your accounts minutes/texts updates
    The Weather Channel Widget (much better than Accuweather)
    PowerWidget - battery charge %

    /.. many more/

    /BD :cool:
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  8. Kray1

    Kray1 Newbie

    yeah i recently uninstalled meebo due to its connection problems for ebuddy
  9. goyk

    goyk Newbie

    Pkt Auctions eBay -- Great eBay app. features barcode scanner that goes straight to ebay with search.

    SMS Backup -- Backs up all your text messages to a label in Gmail. Very nice!

    Places Directory by Google -- Great for finding any type of business near you. Uses your location and compass to point you in the right direction. I love it. As you turn the phone, the arrows to the search results turn.

    Sticky Memo Widget Lite -- Cool notepad app that you can add a sticky with to one of the homescreens.

    Giu Battery Widget -- Shows battery level % in an icon on your home screen.

    SMS Popup -- Must get!! When you get a text message, a notification pops up with 3 options. reply, delete, and close. Very useful!

    WiFinder -- Great for scanning for wifi networks.
  10. BossyBBri

    BossyBBri Newbie

    Shazam - Music ID
    Twidroid - They have a paid version and a free one... the new update they did is pretty nice... it makes twitter an enjoyable experience :)
    Ringdroid - Make ringtones from your phone using any music stored on your phone
    iMusic - Allows you to download music to your phone...
    Handcent - SMS client that lets you customize your fonts, colors, etc
    ChompSMS - Another SMS client that lets you customize
  11. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Android Expert

    WAY better than the Weather Channel App. The notification plugin is nice, puts the temperature in your notification bar. Swipe the notification bar into the shade mode and it shows a bit more detail about the current weather. Now I can see the weather without unlocking my phone. The actual app is pretty nice for seeing forcast. Widgets (there's two!) are pretty nice as well.

    Not the best twitter app, but I like it better than Twidroid because it has a fast, built in browser. So when people post a link or a photo in their tweet, you can see it without opening the main browser, which can take awhile to open.

    ABCOrganizer Lite
    This has really sped up my phone. Instead of cluttering up my 3 screens (stock home) with tons of icons, I use ABCorganizer lite to make little live folders. A Stands for Apps, B stands for Bookmarks, and C stands for Contacts. You can create live folders that are combinations of these three things. Great for organizing your apps. The less stuff on your home screen, the faster it runs. One of the best things about an ABCOrganizer live folder is that it CLOSES ITSELF after you click on the app, bookmark, or contact. No longer navigating back to the home screen to see a folder still open, waiting for you to close it.

    BuddyMob allows you to write one status update, and have it cross-post to twitter and facebook at the same time.

    Easily the most useful app on my phone that I don't actually open.
    When I go to the gym in the morning, locale turns down my notifications volume, turns down the screen brightness(gym is plenty bright), changes the background, and updates my google talk status to "@ the gym". This is based on two conditions: time (Mon-Sat between 6 and 9am) and location. I don't always go to the gym at the same time, and if I'm sick or end up not going, then locale doesn't change anything. When I leave the gym, once i'm far enough away, it returns to defaults.
    When my partner, family, or friends call -- Locale turns on bluetooth so I can connect my headset.
    If I'm in my apartment between 11pm and 4am, Locale gives me a moon background and turns down the ringer and notification sounds so they don't wake me up.
    I'm a temp, and all my temp assignments are appointments in my google calendar. All of my temp assignments are downtown. So if I'm (1) Downtown and (2) it's during a temp assignment calendar item, the background changes to boring, the phone goes on vibrate, brightness decreases, Google Talk updates to "@ work, may be busy", and screen timeout goes 30 seconds.
    There are a lot of plugins for locale. many of them free, and it seems every couple weeks there are more and more. There are ones to send SMS, sent Tweets, turn on/off auto-sync, turn on/off GPS, turn on/off spoken caller ID, make your computer wakeup, launch an app, etc, etc etc

    K-9 Mail
    It's an alternate email client. I use it for my second job with a theatre company. I chose K-9 because it had the option to set up a signature, and to BCC-self on my emails from my phone. They've recently added "push" so it seems like my emails come immediately, instead of when I have K-9 check, but I haven't really tested it. Great app, though.
  12. jimantics

    jimantics Newbie

  13. youngzayiles

    youngzayiles Newbie

    Weather Widget - by Android Apps
  14. keylala

    keylala Newbie

    Thanks for the site. i found some cool stuff on there and even downloaded a few.
  15. mzteespeak

    mzteespeak Newbie

    I'm going to try ABCOrganizer Lite
  16. dsrodriguez

    dsrodriguez Lurker

    Thanks for the info! I'm installing Sticky Memo Widget right now!
  17. pepperdro

    pepperdro Newbie

    Apps that I really enjoy are:

    LukLuk- you can watch streaming movies and videos

    Virtual Voicemail- instead of calling into the directory, it will show you who called, at what time, how long the message is, and you can listen or delete it right away.

    Bartender- For those nights when you want to change up what your drinking at the bar- lots of recipes, and how to's, plus you can add your own.

    Findmyphone- lost your phone? type in your password in another phone and text yourself. it will send you GPS location of your phone. and will ring so you can find it.

    FML/TFLN- great entertainment, laugh at other people's misfortunes kind of thing.
  18. InitialG

    InitialG Member

    I'm surprised no one has put "Where"

    Where-great for finding anything in your area. I mainly use it to find the cheapest gas prices in the current area that I'm in, and also the mobile coupons rule! Definitely a must have app in ANY android phone.
  19. mikeedoo

    mikeedoo Newbie

    Try Calwidget. Keeps your day organized.
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  20. InitialG

    InitialG Member

    oh yeah, and you can't forget about the android lightsaber app!
  21. nanobis

    nanobis Newbie

    Quick settings is brilliant. It allows you to change, turn off/on the conectivity setting (Wifi, bluetooth, gps and mobile data (3G)), as well as brightness settings, ringer settings, torch light, battery level indicatior, and free memory.
  22. CSK1964

    CSK1964 Lurker

    Syncs all files or select lists from your iTunes and iPhoto libraries to your Android OS phone, via a great Mac OS desktop application.

    Free version works fine albeit slowly, but I like the $22 version, much faster, which practically replaces iTunes listening/syncing and iPhoto watching/syncing on your iPod to the same on Android OS phones. Then you only have to carry one device, that is if you have a large enough memory card on your phone. I've got 16 gigs, which is just enough with what I want to put on my Android phone, a T-Mobile Motorola Cliq.

    I rate it way up there in most useful apps, although this is really a Mac OS program. Couldn't be easier and more automatic. Highly recommended.

    Salling Software - Salling Media Sync for Mac[​IMG]

    BTW I'm just a satisfied end user and don't work for the company.[/FONT]
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  23. bikedogrun

    bikedogrun Member

    Totally Agree, this is an awesome Mac/Android Application! Has really made my life much easier.

    If you are a Mac user "AND" use iTunes... Salling Media Sync is made for you. I also have the $22 version.

    You simply create your playlist as you normally do with itunes, connect your Cliq & mount it on your Mac. Open Salling Media Sync and choose the playlist to sync and it does the rest... no dragging & dropping necessary! ;)

    /BD :cool:
  24. mmangus

    mmangus Lurker

    Pandora - Music
    Weatherchannel Widget, just updated yesterday
    Livescore - up to date sports scores
    Meebo - just downloaded it and it is pretty cool
  25. mmangus

    mmangus Lurker

    I have Where, but it doesn't update the data. For instance, new restaurants are listed, but old ones that closed 2 or 3 years ago are still listed.

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