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Must have programs

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by whs37, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. whs37

    whs37 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    What are your must have programs. My top 3 are:

    + GrooveIP - for free phone calls within the US and from Europe to the US

    + Maps - as navigation system and for planning trips

    + Watch TV - to watch the old TV shows and the Cartoons

    Would be interesting to see which three ones you rate tops.

  2. Internaut

    Internaut Member

    Evernote, Dropbox, Drive, Quick Office, Tapatalk HD, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Bus Tracker (UK), The Trainline (UK), British Airways, Air France, Priority Pass (finding airport lounges I can access), Kindle, Spotify, The Daily Mash, IMDB, Facebook are the ones I would download first to any Android device.

    Additionally, there's the important bundled Apps (Maps, Currents, Earth and so on).
  3. FlyingPigL

    FlyingPigL Well-Known Member

    Facebook, Tweetlanes, most of the Google Apps (Voice, Calendar & Maps topping the list), Evernote, banking apps, airline apps, Kindle, Google Books. And for browsing, I keep switching back and forth between Dolphin and Chrome. Love them both.

    And wouldn't dream of switching off at night without checking out Phandroid, of course.
  4. whs37

    whs37 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Please post only the 3 top favorites and what you do with them. I know we all have a whole bunch of programs depending on our interests, but a full list was not the intent of the thread.
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  5. viper689

    viper689 Android Expert

    Appy Geek (gotta keep up with the tech news :))
  6. Hoosiermama

    Hoosiermama Well-Known Member

    For me, and my top three are Pulse, and Out of Milk (keeps my grocery list) and the Kindle app.

    Others that I love are TV Portal, Facebook, Mint and Splash ID.
  7. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

    In no particular order, I like the Kindle app, News360 and tapatalk.
  8. repoman123

    repoman123 Lurker

    Twitter, Football Manager 2013. That is all.
  9. MartinS

    MartinS Android Expert

    Live Score Addicts
  10. whs37

    whs37 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This is really interesting. There is a great variety of programs that are being quoted. I would have thought that people use more or less a similar set of programs. But that does not seem to be the case.

    Keep the info coming. When there are enough samples, maybe I make a statistic.
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  11. sleezecheeze

    sleezecheeze Well-Known Member

    Media player of some sort (MX player, VLC beta)
    Dolphin browser

    It's mainly a relax and non-work related device as you can tell haha.
  12. clutton86

    clutton86 Newbie

    Sky sports app
    GTA vice city
    Video mix
    I've clocked over 15 hours on gta only got it for Christmas got an xbox wired pad and otg cable works perfect
  13. balloonshark

    balloonshark Newbie

    * TuneIn Radio Pro (or free). Plays many genres of radio stations from around the world.
    * Naked Browser. A browser without bloat and doesn't spy.
    * Angry Birds. (I'm new to mobile devices lol).

    I'm rooted now so that last entry will change soon ;-)
  14. heartswarm

    heartswarm Lurker

    Solid Explorer - awesome file manager
    MX Player Pro - can play almost all types of videos
    Moon+ Reader Pro - for all my ebooks
  15. shelliewnj

    shelliewnj Android Expert

    OneClick - an audiobooks program
    email - yahoo and gmail
    Out of Milk

    Gosh, that was hard! to choose only three? but those are probably the ones I rely on the most.
  16. Lefthand

    Lefthand Well-Known Member

    Nexus Media Importer (allows connection to an external flash drive, and stream avi/mp4 files from it, therefore circumventing lack of on board storage!)

    SwiftKey (Awesome keyboard and text input)

  17. Italo

    Italo Android Enthusiast

    My top 3:

    ACV (comic reader)
  18. Rcarnes91

    Rcarnes91 Android Enthusiast

    I guess my top 3 would be splashtop, Tapatalk, and I guess jet pack joyride(I have been playing it a lot lately) could name a few more that would make the 3rd spot
  19. tcat007

    tcat007 Android Expert

    Naked Browser
    Solid Explorer
  20. wyzird

    wyzird Well-Known Member

    Cloud SMS
  21. paulbates

    paulbates Android Enthusiast

    Explore what comes with it it too. Map caching and traffic view make long driving a little less stressful.
  22. paulbates

    paulbates Android Enthusiast

    Greader pro ..RSS news ..
    Tapatalk HD ..forums...including this one
    Xfinity .. Comcast channel guide + receiver control
    Samygo .. control Samsung smart tv over wifi
    Overdrive, kindle, nook ... book readers
    Weatherbug elite..weather
  23. norcal618

    norcal618 Lurker

    AOSP browser, Facebook, YouTube and many more in that order.
  24. kidcarter93

    kidcarter93 Member

    Tapatalk HD - To keep up with the forums I post on.
    Falcon Pro - For the best Twitter app around.
    App2zip - As it's a great app and does exactly what the title suggests.
  25. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    Tapatalk: for obvious reasons
    Titanium Backup Pro: Crack Rom Flasher's best friend
    Apex/Nova Launcher (depending on your preference): Stock launcher isn't customizable enough.

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