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Support Mute not working .....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dan409, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. dan409

    dan409 Well-Known Member
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    Apr 15, 2010
    While in a call I cannot mute the call whether on speaker phone or headset speaker. I have tried soft reset, hard reset and the dreaded factory reset. Nothing, still am not able to mute a call. This will be a deal breaker for me as I need this to work for my job. I have searched for this and pretty much have found nothing other than folks having muting problems when their face makes contact with the screen while in a call. I have no prob with that.
    As long as I am listing probs that I have found:
    Whenever I exit browsing the web my screen brightness goes to full bright and will not adjust itself anymore until I turn the phone off and then back on.
    GPS takes from 10 sec to 10 min to connect, very sporadic, and the turn by turn Nav is pretty much useless due to the extreme low volume.
    Why is it that the speakerphone is extremely loud and most media volumes are nearly whisper quiet ?
    3G is on again off again 50 % of the time and it shows by my time without a signal, anywhere from 25% to 45% on a daily basis. I never had that problem with the Dinc. Never had more than 2% TWS with the Dinc. Not praising the Dinc here, just stating a fact.
    dbm readings are way off. Standing right next to a tower I cannot get below a -86 dbm reading. Again not praising the Dinc but it would read -50 dbm in the exact same location. Just using the comparison for myself to determine if it is a prob with the SF.
    Get a ton of complaints when using the phone outside when there is even the slightest breeze. Folks have a hard time hearing me over the howling wind noise. Very aggravating.
    For those that are gonna bash, save it. If you have solutions to the above problems please let me know what they are as my 30 day trial is coming up and I am leaning towards a return.
    This is the 2nd SF that I have tried with the same results also. The screen on this, camera, video pic quality, and many other great features make this a real bitch, but I need first and foremost a phone that I can mute calls on and talk on outside even when its a breezy day.


  2. Hello Dan. Sorry to see you're having so many issues with your Fascinate.

    Some of those issues appear to be configuration based, and some appear to be true quality of phone problems. If I were experiencing more than one non-configuration bug with a brand new device, I'd not hesitate to take it back for either an exchange or a refund and purchase of another device altogether.

    A few of the things you mention are reported by more than one Fascinate user in the forums, such as GPS and sound problems during phone calls. This tells me that quality control at the point of manufacture and/or assembly may be an issue with this device, as it was with the Eris.

    I'd take it back and kindly request one more try at a new Fascinate, with the proviso that a different device may be in my future.

    I should mention, just for comparison, that not one single issue that you list has shown itself on my Fascinate. The reason I bring that up is to highlight the aforementioned notion of quality control probability by Samsung with this model.

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