Help Mutliple Notifications..?


I am new to the Incredible, coming from Blackberry..I like it for the most part. However I have noticed that for some reason every time I get a text, email or Facebook message (linked to my email) I seem to get them two or three times and it's so annoying. For gmail, once is through my actual Gmail icon. 2 is through the Notification icon that show at the top and 3 is through the Mail icon. For now I have turned off notifications from Gmail but it still pulls them in. I have tried deleting the email and putting it in again, reset it up, but no luck..Also if there's a FB notification, well that makes 4 times I have to delete the message since it comes through the FB app. With my blackberry, I could delete the FB message and it would automatically delete it from my mail as well.

For texts, it comes through my Handset application and my Notifications.

It's not a huge deal but very annoying, especially since my husband's does not do this.