Help mxq box stuck on logo


My mxq box is stuck on this logo.


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Sounds like your box has bricked have you tried contacting the manufacture, if not then at this point you will have to do a factory reset to recover. #1 unplug the power jack from box. #2 place a tooth pick into the AV hole and press down you should hear a clicking sound when you do this that will be the reset button. #3 while holding the tooth pick down plug in the power jack into the box continue to hold the tooth pick down from 10 to 60 sec until the screen changes to the reboot screen then remove the tooth pick. Then go to wipe date/factory reset, Then select all user data This should reset the box back to the factory settings. Hopefully this is helpful and get you back up and running again.
oh damn mine is doing the same thing after i flashed a rom called aidans rom because my box had no Wi-Fi anymore it would not even search for a connection the only difference is mine says "android tv" and the bottom says AIDANS ROMM 7.4 and the device will not go into recovery and cant get the laptop to read it when i plug it into the computer....i was really hoping i could fix it not trash it lol =((