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Discussion in 'TV & Video' started by QAAC, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. QAAC

    QAAC Lurker
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    I've recently purchased an OTT TV MXQ PRO box and have had several problems...... Many of the apps installed don't work at all and some partly work, The picture is only showing on the top left quarter of the tv screen 95% of the time but 1 or 2 show full screen, I have been into settings and it is possible to stretch the picture to approx half the screen but then other things are pushed off the screen which makes using the home page impossible, it's driving me mad......HELP!!!

  2. Simon Lam

    Simon Lam Newbie

    i believe mxq pro in on Android 5.
    Settins, Screen resolution and Screen position doesn't help ?

  3. chuckie59

    chuckie59 Lurker

    you have to go into kodi system and turn off the video accelerators. I just turned off all 3, and the picture loaded full screen,

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