Nov 11, 2012
In the Play Store, the "My Android Apps" is saying my Nexus 4 has a ton of apps installed that are not installed.

Just got a new Nexus 4. Its awesome! At first I chose to restore from the cloud. The phone attempted to install all my old apps, which I quickly aborted, but then this issue occurred so I thought maybe that was why. So I reset the phone to factory default and this time I chose NOT to restore from cloud but just move forward with my google account, no restoring. The issue in "My Android Apps" remains.

How can it be fixed--if at all?


the problem resolved itself over time.
Your looking at my apps in the market. It does give you all the apps you have ever installed on your account. You can multi select and remove them. my son annoys the crap out of me with all the kid games he puts on the list due to him playing with my nexus 7