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My Android phone adventures and reviews.

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Syv3n, Aug 16, 2010.

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    Dec 2, 2009

    Dec 2, 2009
    This my Android phone adventure and review thread. I will give my personal OPINION on each phone and review each to the best of my capability with my likes and dislikes of each phone. I have owned every MAJOR Droid phone on Verizon. Droid Eris, Droid 1, Droid Incredible, Droid X, and Droid 2.

    Droid Eris- I originally got the Eris because the Verizon rep I was dealing with said it would be more along the lines of the Iphone and that it would be getting the same software upgrade as the Droid 1 (at the time 2.0). He said they would have the same capabilities so if I wanted something more along the lines of the Iphone that was my best bet.

    I got the Eris and it was a good introduction into the Android community. I sold my Ipod touch because of it. It was a nice device and really broke me into the smart phone world! The problems came once I started getting more knowledgable about the Android device and was trying to do more multi tasking and games on my Eris. It would get laggy, freeze, and reboot almost daily. I called Verizon several times on this issue and they said they will send me a Droid 1 @ upgarde cost.

    Droid 1- I received the Droid 1 and yes it is a great device and does everything well. It Multi tasks, makes calls, and has a nice screen. I just wasnt a big fan of the original keyboard (physical qwerty) and I was a swype fan anyway. So when I recieved this the Incredible was about to make its debut. I called Verizon and told them I was unhappy with this phone and I wanted something like the Eris just more capable and fast. She suggested the Droid Incredible.

    Droid Incredible- INCREDIBLE is the right name for this device. I loved this thing from the moment I opened the box. I love the look the feel and the performance. It was FAST, smooth and nice looking. I have no complaints on this phone. If I have no complaints why do I not use it anymore? Really a good question..I guess because I am one of those "latest and greatest" type of people and the new and better devices always appeal to me. I ended up giving it to my sister and adding a line to get the Droid X.

    Droid X- Awesome phone! Beautiful big screen a lot of real estate for the virtual keyboard (although I use swype) but it helps for Swype too. I wasn't a huge fan of the hard keys and the fact there was no trackball or optical scroller like the Incredible had but with how big the screen was it was easy to press the place you wanted your cursor to go. I was a little dissapointed on the Stock UI not as polished and smooth as Sense. It seemed to lag and I had to download Launcher Pro which got rid of that but overall a nice device. The phone ended up breaking..Not really sure how text messages and calls just stopped going through I called tech support and they gave me plenty of steps to go through which did not fix the situation. They told me to take it back to the store since I was so close to my 30 day WFG. I took it back and they did not have any others in stock so they offered me the Droid 2 and said if they get a Droid X within the 30 day WFG on the Droid 2 I can do a swap when they get some Droid X's in stock.

    Droid 2- So because I wasn't a huge fan of the physical QWERTY keyboard I wasn't to sure about this phone. I started using it and obviously it felt like the Droid X as far as the User Interface but FASTER. I know having Android 2.2 is probably the cause of this and that the Droid X is going to get 2.2 and be just as fast if not faster but it is a noticeable difference how smooth the Droid 2 is. I then was pleased to find out that Swype was preloaded on the Droid 2 so I didnt have to use the physical keyboard becuase I love swype. Then I just tried out the keyboard to see how different it was and WOW was I impressed with the improvement to the keyboard. Overall I think I have actually found the phone I plan to stick with for a long time (or atleast until November and the Droid Pro) comes out lol. But in all honesty all phones are Great phones but this one finally seems to have made me happy all around with no real complaints as of yet.

    So thanks for reading feel free to imput or ask questions. Please do not flame or attack me for anything again these are PERSONAL opinions. Yes I know I am ******ed for having them all but I do LOVE the DROIDS and I like to try out all the new ones because it is something I find enjoyment in.


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