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My Android Zte blade s6 wont turn on or charge

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by hamza2244, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. hamza2244

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    I bought this zte blade s6 a year ago when it was launched , it has worked perfectly till now , but now battery came to 0% and it shut down , i came home to charge it and it wont charge ,usually the blue lite in the center circle would turn blue when charging and the screen would show the zte logo first and then the battery charging on the screen , but now it is not doing anything ,

    i know this if the phone was on and i would have put it on charging it would charge but now when i am put it on charge nothing happening , tried it with other chargers and even with my laptop , any help will be appreciated.

    Tried the pressing of volume up + Power button to get it open in recovery mode , nothing happened .

    as battery in not removable , i cannot remove it and put it back again .

    any suggestion is appreciated . an zte official email address if any one know about it .

  2. I hope You fix a phone charging problem.Please help me also resolve main!
  3. Albdroid

    Albdroid Newbie

    Please I will advice you to take it to hardware repair for them to change the battery for you.
  4. Thanks for responding.so I understood,only changing with new battery resolved Your phone problem!

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