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My backup app

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Chipstak, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. Chipstak

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    Question about mms backup on this app.... So I had free version on phone #1 and now using phone #2.... I backed up my texts using free version on phone #1 multiple times... Now using phone #2 with free version also and I installed my backups from phone #1 to #2... Using free version you can't install MMS from old phone to new phone..... And I have new sms backups on phone #2 now since ive been using it... My question is if I get pro version of app and save my MMS on phone #1... can I then take that to phone #2 and install MMS and will it go together w my current saved texts ? .....
    Example.. phone #1 last saved text date is February 1 ..... Started using phone #2 with #1 sms texts. And last saved text date on phone #2 is March 1 .... So will that extra month of texts stay on my phone #2 after installing from phone #1 ?

  2. svim

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    Reading through the app's description on what the free and the pay-for pro versions allow you to do, the optimal time to do what you want would be when you initially were migrating from your old phone to the new one.
    There's a possibility importing a new backup into your now current phone will just integrate with those missing MMS attachments, but I wouldn't be surprised that it will just replace the all SMS and MMS messages from the backup file because of the time interval difference, there's no mention this is a continual, on-the-fly file/data syncing utility. You're attempting to do an after-the-fact restore trying to merge data sets. Backup your current phone's text messaging so you at least have a current backup, then try doing importing your old phone's backup and see what the result is. If it's not what you need, you can just restore your phone from its backup.
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  3. Chipstak

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    Hmmm. Yeh I'ma give it a try.

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