Help My battery is going crazy.


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So it started yesterday with my battery coming up with the Overheating symbol and shutting down, I got it working but today noticed the charge is going very quickly.

Turned it off and was greeted with the overheating symbol again - seems to do it everytime I turn off.

Have taken some screeshots of battery consumption taken from 13.47 to 14.04 - you can seen in 20 mins the screenshots go from being on battery 4m27s to 8m48s even though it has been unplugged since 7am this morning.

Not only that you can see that the 1347 shot shows battery plugged in and 100% even though it is not.
Subsequent screenshots also show different apps using the power.

What is the recommended action? I think either the phone or battery is shot.
Was a Sim-free purchase from Carphone Warehouse so might take it back tomorrow.

Really want to avoid it as I hate having to set everything up again.:eek:


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