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My Battery Life

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by emerica243, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. emerica243

    emerica243 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So heres my run down, just looking to get some opinions if its good or not. and what you guys are getting.

    8AM - Off charger 99%

    9AM - 2TXT - 99%

    11AM - 5 more TXT, 98%

    12:30pm Turnt on wifi, 2 more txt, used facebook app for 5 minutes.

    1PM - turnt on i radio app and streamed radio. 90%

    1:45pm - music still on, 67%

    2PM - music still on 60%

    2:15 turnt off music, 55%

    2:20 - watched 10mins worth of youtube, 47%

    2:50Pm - put on charger....

    Im running XTRROM 4.x and have all functions disabled all the time(3g, gps, wifi)

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  2. Rossco_Pee

    Rossco_Pee Android Enthusiast

    Streaming music really sucks on the battery for me as well. Doesn't bother me, though, since whenever I stream music I have a charger nearby.
  3. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Android Expert

    This seems pretty normal. I was sometimes dead by about noon on my Eris... with semi heavy usage.
  4. That's lousy battery life. Have you applied all the "Best" settings that have been posted in this forum and others?

    On my eris ( Rooted with KaosFroyo ) and using all the latest and greatest tips, tricks and gimmicks from all the forums, my current battery state is 84 hours and counting. My current battery indicators says I am at 62% remaining. But I think this may be slightly innacurate by as much as 5%.

    I unplugged my phone Friday at midnight after a full charge applying every known battery life extender out there and a reboot.
    With these settings I anticipate not having to plug back in until late this friday! My usage during this test period has been "Avg." to Slightly less then "Avg."

    Thanks to everybody in all the battery threads for their thorough testing , time and patience. I think we have finally figured out How to increase the battery usage past the Factory tested Stats.
  5. emerica243

    emerica243 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    **** youre not getting 8 days on a smart phone on one charge.

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  6. Excuse me?

    I most certainly am.

    Just because you are incapable of reading all the battery posts and or duplicating whats been widely available to all Eris users since day one. Don't come crying to me over it.

    First off, I never said I got 8 days, I said, I don't anticipate having to recharge it till Late Friday. As it stands now, with a little under 72 hours remaining, my phone is showing 49%. Whether or not I make it to Friday is yet to be seen. But I think I will and maybe even into Saturday as well.

    My advice to you and the rest of, you Quick to insult "know it alls" is to learn to read. Anybody can duplicate my battery usage with little more then a 5th grade reading level. So either get your ass up to that level or have somebody else do it for you.

    This phone is rated at lasting much longer then that.
  7. Podivin

    Podivin Android Expert

    Per the specs on the Eris the stated talk time is 4 hours, which means for each hour you're using the phone as a phone you'll use 25% of your total battery charge.
    You streamed music for a little over 2 hours and used 35% of the battery - that seems pretty good to me based on the expected talk time.
    I realize that streaming music and using the phone are different radios/apps, but to ME it seems reasonable to assume that they will drain the battery at approximately the same speed.
    10 minutes of youtube used 8% of your battery - so a full hour would use roughly 48%. That SEEMS like a high number, but YT not only downloads the video, it will crank the processor (if you happen to be rooted and overclocked, that could be a pretty big crank), and also keep the screen awake. So yeah, don't do a lot of YT without a charger handy... :)

    All in all, I don't see these as bad numbers for the battery.
  8. emerica243

    emerica243 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Haha, well whatever you say. But last time i checked, friday to friday would be 8 days. Which is what you said. And "all the battery tips and tricks" is rather vauge. Obviously everyones read the battery performance threads. But there isnt some special method on making your phone gain 5 days of life compared to everyones elses.
    Im sure you managed to root, and master all these tips and tricks within the whole ~15 days youve been a member here. I just find it funny the way youre the only one saying you have this superior battery life when running on a froyo run which is known to the majority to have worse life then a 2.1 rom.

    And btw, why dont you enlighten me why my oh so normal battery useage is so LOUSY.

    Like i said, you either like trolling, or you need to start actually using your phone.
  9. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    While I agree that 8 days battery life to me sounds crazy, I will say FWIW that I am getting about 25%-33% better battery life with Kaos Froyo from typical use for me than with any 2.1 ROM I have tried, and I am not close to alone. Read this thread: Froyo roms increase your battery life! try this (UPDATE 08/26/2010) - xda-developers

  10. Well, one again for the reading challenged amongst us…
    I never said I got 8 days use! Please re-read what you think you read.

    With that said, the only one trolling here is you and all the other "Oh my god, my battery life is horrible" Lunatics!

    Why is it beyond any of your grasps that the battery in the ERIS is rated at -

    Talk time: 214 min
    Standby: 373 hrs
    (The above are subject to network and phone usage)"

    these numbers come directly from HTC were achieved under laboratory conditions and represent the absolute best case scenario. There results, came from a phone running absolutely no other 3rd party software, with every possible tweak, trick and battery life gimmick in use to achieve them

    For almost one year there has been a never ending list of posts concerning battery life and in all but a handful of them the speculators, wishful thinkers and downright delusional always seem to ignore these basic facts. Think of these (The HTC stats) as the Gospel, and then start subtracting from there. If you and all the other battery life nuts do, you will come to realize, your ERIS phones are performing exactly as intended and in some cases, Miraculously as it sounds, slightly better.

    Every time you turn on your phone, even if only for 2 seconds you are losing approx 1 minute of usage time if not more. Every time your phone does any of the number of things it does in the background (check SMS, Signal searching, weather etc…) you are losing One minute of use if not more. If and when you add all that up and all the things going on in the background you aren’t aware of and never will be, then factor in what your REAL ACTUAL usage is, not the “Vague”, Misleading and inaccurate usage stats you provided. You will see that your usage falls exactly within the OEM stated stats.

    You come on here with, yet another battery life thread; don’t hear the answer you want, then, as expected start calling anyone who gives you an answer you don’t like “Trolls”.
    Sorry, but you are the “Troll”. Your phone is performing exactly as it was intended to.
    With the thousands of posts about battery life a "Know it all" like you Claims to have read and all the known Tips, Tricks and adjustments, you claim to know about.Why haven't you figured this out yet?

    Take every tip, trick, gimmick, setting adjustment etc... And maybe, just maybe a person can with, Miser like usage extend their battery life 5% +/-. Very few who have claimed they have, actually have. They, like you just never give accurate usage details or take into account all the other variables that will affect battery life. And “Think” they are getting better or worse then avg life.

    Face it - You can't put 10 pounds of crap into a 5 pound bag. Yet, you all keep trying to.

    As to the “vagueness” of my post it was intentional and got the desired responses.

    EVERY battery post is vague, misleading and or inaccurate. What is avg use? What is light use? What are a Few texts? See where this is going? I doubt it, if you did, you wouldn’t have responded. The battery life numbers I gave are 100 % accurate for MY “Avg to Slightly Less then Avg use” during this test.In fact, if I Wanted to, I am positive I could get 300 Hours plus out of this battery. Which would be 50% more! then the 8 days that currently and as predicted, have your panties all twisted up.

    Every day there is another post by a “Troll” like you stating similar “vague” usages stats. None of you whiners will take the few seconds it takes to check their actual usage and or provide a detailed counting of their actual “TOTAL” usage. Which as you now know, would also include, at the very least, an approximation of additional minute usage. Do to all the things going on in the background like, partial wake ups, quick checks of the time, adjustments etc. that are ALWAYS sucking down additional Minutes of available battery life. Even a simple acknowledgement of this would be a good start on their road to recovery from yours and theirs, self inflicted “My ERIS Battery Life Sucks” Delusions.

    It all comes down to what the Actual usage is and what terms like, “Avg, Light, A few etc.” really mean. If a person won’t give detailed usage Stats, and instead only gives “Vague” Approximations, what good is the post? How can anyone help?

    I can assure you when you and the rest like you do, you will see, like it or not, that your phones are performing within specs and these Hilarious battery issue posts will soon cease to exist

    Thanks for reading!
  11. emerica243

    emerica243 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Maybe you should go back and take your advice as well. Because last time i checked i wasnt complaining about anything. I was giving a detailed list of how my day went to compare to others. Im happy and thought my usage is fine. Ive yet to see your report, thanks.

    Anyway, im done this pointless arguing. Leave it be.
  12. xAusTiN

    xAusTiN Well-Known Member

    47 is still good battery life...its just under half. Your battery ran for 6 hours and was at 47%, which means it would have last for about 11-12 hours which is decent battery life. Don't see the problem here...
  13. All the bickering going on here is somewhat annoying and isn't really answering the OP's question. I would politely suggest that if there is a disagreement going on, it might best be addressed through PM's. As to the OP's question, 47% charge left after around 6 hours is well within normal parameters and probably above average. Depending on degree and type of usage and what ROM I have loaded, I have gotten as little as 6 hours on a charge and as much as 16 hours. Keep in mind that if your phone is rooted, what you have your CPU clock set at has a distinct impact on battery life. The prevailing opinion at XDA-dev seems to be to use AutoKiller in combination with SetCPU to reach a happy medium between speed/performance and battery life. BTW, Autokiller IS NOT a task killer but rather a memory manager. IMO Task Killers do more harm than good. If you do chose to use SetCPU, you are well advised to read through threads at XDA-Developers regarding advised profile settings. Hope this helps answer your question to at least a degree....

  14. The actual spec for the ERIS per HTC are 214 mins, Not 4 hours that would be a very impressive 12.5% increase.

    There is not an ERIS in existence that could achieve a 214 minute phone call on one charge. Other then the one they Presumably tested it on. Which, i'm sure doesn't exist anymore. Of course, one must believe HTC's Claim in the first place but thats a whole other argument.

    Also, the phone is the least demanding part of the ERIS as it pertains to battery usage. Think about it. The screen would be off for almost the entire call. This is the default setting on the phone. 3g is off. WiFi and GPS would presumably be off as well. But, if they weren't the actual usage will further degrade.

    You also have to remember, none of the battery status indicators are even close to accurate, nor do they give a minute by minute live analysis. They are simply there to give us a visual estimation. The only battery indicator that is accurate on the ERIS is the one that turns the phone off when the battery has been depleted!

    I can assure you for his 2+ hours of streaming music, he lost more then 35 % of his battery. To stream music you are using WiFi or 3G and just about every other aspect of the phones processor. With the exception of possibly the display. But as we all know, the display is always being turned on and off while the phone is in use. Even if it is only for as little as 5 minutes of the 120+ that will use that much more of the battery.

    If he or anyone, could use ONLY 35 % of the battery while streaming music for 2+ hours, that would mean the phone was Theoretically capable of lasting 6 hours+ while streaming music! I can assure you with 100% certainty, NOBODY can stream Live Music on an unplugged ERIS for any where close to 6 Hours!

    The point is, using anything other then the phone will drain the battery quicker. Maybe as little as 5% or as much as 400% + faster. If you don't believe this, just turn on your 3g, GPS and an app like google maps and see how long your battery will last. You will be hard pressed to get more then an hour of total use under a scenario like this.

    His battery usage just like everybody else's, falls within the OEM stated specs. His only problem, which inflicts almost everyone here is he can't calculate his actual usage or was to scared to post it. And more importantly He wants the phone to do something it wasn't designed to do.
  15. Well since you asked... I am approaching 120 hours of usage and I currently show 36% battery life remaining. Which puts me well on my way to my "Anticipated 8 Days on one charge. In fact I think I may be able to go past 8 days, since I seem to be using 10 to 12 % per day

    But Thanks for asking!

    What advice would you like me to take? that all these battery use posts are pointless?

    Please advise!!!
  16. if your rooted take a pic of your unplug time and post it. If its true, the close this thread.
  17. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

    I can't help but feel this thread has gone somewhat off track.

    Disagreement is fine, but throwing the toll word around and insulting others isn't going to help anyone.
  18. I really find it odd that a glorified hall monitor would edit my post which ONLY reemphasized the use of certain words, the OP of the thread chose to use towards me

    The OP said - "****, youre not getting 8 days on a smart phone on one charge."
    Which Is calling me a liar and this post was not edited by this hall monitor.
    He also said this - "Like i said, you either like trolling, or you need to start actually using your phone."
    Which is calling me or accusing me of being a toll. And just like his previous post, this too was not edited.

    Is it really that hard for you mental midgets who doubt the validity of my battery claims to do simple math?
    The ERIS is rated at 373 HOURS in Standby mode! I am currently at 121 HOURs and on track to possibly exceed 170 with my "AVG to Less the AVG" usage This would end up being about 50% of what HTC has rated the phone at.

    I clearly stated on several occasions that my usage was "AVG" or Less then "AVG". Then to make sure those with I.Q.'s that aren't single digit would understand the relevance of the "AVG" term I keep using. I also said "EVERY battery post is vague, misleading and or inaccurate. What is avg use? What is light use? What are a Few texts? See where this is going? I doubt it, if you did, you wouldn’t have responded" Etc..

    Maybe the Mods or powers that be need to Read the post in their entirety Not just the complaints from the Pouting children, fanboys that make up 90% of this forum!

    The battery life numbers I gave are 100 % accurate for MY “Avg to Slightly Less then Avg use” during this test." and are just as easily dupicated by anyone with an ERIS, rooted or Not.

    I intentionally played both sides of the argument on this one. I'm sure many realized this immediately. But for those who just can't or Won't let me simplify it to a level that even the android fanboys can understand.

    Battery Usage claims are pointless! unless the user gives HIGHLY detailed and EXACT TOTAL usage numbers, Nobody will ever be able to determine if the phone has an actual problem. Simple enough?

    After the thousands of posts I have read on the subject, I am convinced 99%+ of all ERIS phones are performing EXACTLY as they were designed to. Which is some where near the 214 minutes of TOTAL TALK TIME number that was provided by HTC.

    Many of you still think that because you never use the PHONE part of this device and only use the phone to Tweet, check Facebook or some other pointless and childish application that you should be getting better battery usage performance. Well, I am afraid to be the one to tell you but, you don't know anything about how these devices use electricity.

    My advice to all of you is simple. Instead of worrying about your phones insignificant, meaningless and all but imperceptible benchmark scores, over-clock speeds, battery life or any of the countless other Complaints that dominate the forums.Just enjoy it for what it is and stop trying to change it into something it will never be. Better yet, have your parents buy you the Latest Greatest phone and start counting the days until you want the next best thing!
  19. Kaessa

    Kaessa Android Enthusiast

    I hate to be the one to say this:

    "Screenshots or it didn't happen"

  20. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

    You're right, I should've caught the swearing too. My apologies.

    Your argument about battery life isn't the issue here and has nothing to do with me getting involved. Like I said, you're free to discuss whatever you want. Just keep it civil next time.

    It seems pointless to let this thread carry on now, it's not going anywhere.

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