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"My Contacts" vs. "All Contacts". How to NOT sync All Contacts?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by abourne, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. abourne

    abourne Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    At Google's help forum here, it states the following:

    All Contacts vs My Contacts on iPhone - Google Mobile Help

    3) Google only syncs My Contacts because those are the contacts you've manually added to your contact list. If you look at your All Contacts, you'll see that some of those email addresses haven't been added to My Contacts.


    I wish this was the case with my HTC Hero.

    On my Android device, it's syncing All Contacts.

    I only want it to sync My Contacts.

    Please help. I want my Android phone to stop syncing All Contacts, and only sync My Contacts.

    On the iPhone and iPod Touch, My Contacts, not All Contact, sync.

    For some reason, the HTC Hero isn't doing this properly.

    In the contacts App, when I press menu, my only options are:

    1) + New Contact
    2) Search People
    3) Delete Contacts
    4) View
    5) Sync Exchange Contacts

    I want to sync "My Contacts" and set this so that it stops syncing "All Contacts".


  2. abourne

    abourne Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Sharing here to see if this helps in finding a resolution to this matter.

    Yes, I do that. I do a manual clean-up from time to time. This is both tedious and cumbersome.

    However, the problem remains that every time I send or receive from a new email address, or one that's not currently in my contacts, it keeps getting added to "All Contacts", and the problem re-occurs.

    This is not true. My phone, HTC Hero, still syncs with "All Contacts". The cleanup we've discussed above does not change the sync path from "All Contacts" to "My Contacts".

    Probably because it's not picking up new ones.

    Yes, again, I remove them. But as I use Gmail frequently, these annoying email addresses keep popping into "All Contacts", and hence, creeping into my HTC Hero contact list.

    I'm still looking for a way to make this stop.
  3. abourne

    abourne Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Now I think I've got it!

    "People" - I see you mean the picture of the people.

    "Groups" - Yes, I see it says "Groups" at the top of the screen.

    "Menu" - Yes, now when in this screen, I click on the "Menu" button.

    "Sync Groups" - Yes, now I click on the "Sync Groups" button.

    All list appears as follows:

    1) Sync All contacts
    2) My Contacts
    3) Group Name #1
    4) Group Name #2
    5) Group Name #3

    Because "Sync All contacts" was checked, all below were checked.

    I de-selected "Sync All contacts"

    I selected "My Contacts" as the only one to be checked.

    Since "My contacts" has all the contacts I want to be sync'd, I left this one as the only one to be checked.

    I think the problem is now resolved.

    Mission Accomplished.

    Thank you SDscorch!

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