Android Question

my phone cant load volume/misc and i tried every option it gives me
It almost certainly isn't a malware infection, but we'll need more information in order to work out what the problem is. Is this message by any chance on a dark screen showing an android lying on its back? If so you are in recovery mode, which is a mode the phone would normally enter only if there was something badly wrong with the OS or if you've pressed the key combination to take you to it.

So can you post again, either as a new question or by replying to this thread (which you can do only if you register)? Please give us as much information as possible: what phone model you have, what OS version you are running, what you did or what happened before the phone got into this state, what the screen looks like, what options you have tried, whether you can boot normally (e.g. if you remove the battery for a couple of minutes then try again)? Any information might give us the clue to work out the cause.