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my disgust for this phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by batvette, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. batvette

    batvette Well-Known Member
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    I just wanted to vent about my problems with this phone. Maybe I expect too much since thelast phone I had was a galaxy s3 but this thing gives me fits.
    Much of it is related to the browser and what seems to be utter incompatability with most web pages. Most links are unclickable no matter if you change text size or zoom or rotate. If you want to search from the URL bar it wont come up when you want.
    Now after about a month of owning it when it displays google search results half the time when I click on a result link (if you can get it to click at all) it says no app found to open the URL. Yeah right. Shut the page come back click again it opens.
    Other issues include the phone log displaying a random contact when a blocked caller calls...a horrible voice mail app (t mobile BTW)
    Many times when you plug the charger in it doesn't acknowledge that unless you reboot.
    The voice to text feature works abyssmally. I've just given up trying with that.
    It was only $40 but I just want to throw it at a wall and smash it.

  2. batvette

    batvette Well-Known Member
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    Just an update to this thread, about 33 days after buying this ZTE phone I was getting out of my car and it dropped on the pavement and its screen shattered into about 300 pieces. An event which usually ruins your day or longer. Instead it evoked a big smile and relief. Even tho I was about broke it gave me an excuse to end the frustration and get a better phone. An HTC desire 626s (which has a number of its own frustrations but nothing on the level of the concord2 which as a smartphone accessing the internet is near nonfunctional)
    Hopefully people will see this and avoid my pain.
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