My Droid Charge Review 5/23/11


I'm coming from a T-Mobile myTouch 4G to this. Here's my mini review. And FYI - I've been anti-Samsung for the past few years...

Hardware - 10/10. I love that it's plastic! It makes it light as a feather. I have a sweet case protecting it, and it's much lighter than my previous phone that had a .5" smaller screen!

Display - 10/10. The screen is amazing. Period. And it has gorilla glass covering the entire face, so I don't need a screen protector that may hinder sensitivity.

Performance - 9/10. I used TouchWiz for a little bit, realized it sucks, and went on to trying different launchers. I ended up using Go Launcher on it, and it runs super smooth. It just has a few slow-downs once in a while (in TouchWiz-integrated sections), but let's be honest, every phone does... Overall it seems to be WAY MORE responsive than my T-Mobile myTouch 4G that scores much higher in benchmarks. Pleasant surprise! Benchmark scores don't mean everything!!

Battery Life - 7/10. It has been running for the past 24 hours and still has 38% battery life. My myTouch 4G needed to be charged what seemed like every ~8 hours.

Voice Quality - 10/10. Sounds fantastic both ways.

Network (3G) - 10/10. I'm in a 3G area, and I get ~1mbps down speeds... My myTouch 4G on the "4G" network was about the same. I can't wait to go up north 30 miles and jump on Verizon's 4G network and let it rip. But honestly, the 3G network seems to function 5x faster than my myTouch 4G did on it's 4G network. I'm SUPER impressed!!

Software - ?/10. I'm using Go Launcher, and what little Samsung TouchWiz integration is there seems to work great.

Camera - 10/10. Beats out my myTouch 4G and my stand-alone camera. What more can I say?

Final Score - 9/10.

I really hate to sound like a fanboy, and maybe my feelings are skewed because my myTouch 4G gave me so much grief, and T-Mobile's network had been really frustrating me for the past two months... But bottom-line is this phone is amazing.

I've solved a dozen of my own problems/differences so far - but here's three that are still bugging me...

- The 'unlock screen' goes away kinda fast... Would be nice to delay that...

- When Music Player is playing, any button opens the 'unlock screen'... I wish it was always that way... it's easier for me to press one of the four physical buttons on the front bottom than the side button for some reason...

- Music Player doesn't play .wav files, even though the phone's built-in "Sound Player" supports them - Just annoying... I either have to convert my .wav albums to .mp3 albums or use a different player than stock. But the stock player is SO fast and SO beautiful that it makes even PowerAmp (one of the highest rated players) look nasty.

Thanks for reading =)