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My Droid deleted all my media!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jerk, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Jerk

    Jerk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I was was trying to go through my pictures this morning, and saw that all the files were unable to open. I reboot my phone and then all the pictures were gone. I checked everywhere and can't find any of the files. I also noticed that all the media had been erased, pics, vids and ringtones. I did notice that all my contacts still had their custom pictures. I looked to see if they were hidden on the sd card, but no luck.
    Anyone else have this problem?

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  2. John Frykman

    John Frykman Newbie

    Was your SD mounted while you were searching? You won't see anything if it isn't.

    Of little comfort, next time make sure you have backed everything up. (There's an app for that!) You can back up to your SD card, or to a remote site. If you back up to your SD card, it's very simple to back its content up to your computer's hard drive, or to DVD's if you like.
  3. rtillaree

    rtillaree Newbie

    same EXACT thing happened to me, I went to e-mail a photo to myself and all of my pictures were showing up as black thumbnails in the gallery, rebooted the phone and EVERYTHING media related was gone...SD card appears to have been formatted somehow as only the 3 standard directories are listed in the root...
  4. rtillaree

    rtillaree Newbie

    curious, which app(s) allows you to backup your SD contents/directories either to a pc or to a remote site? obviously, I could just backup the SD card through explorer I guess, but I didnt know if there was an app that was a little less archaic...
  5. John Frykman

    John Frykman Newbie

    It's called "MyBackup Pro" and you can find it by searching Market. It's cheap.
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  6. John Frykman

    John Frykman Newbie

    By the way, your applications do not reside on the SD Card. A lot of other data isn't there either.
  7. rtillaree

    rtillaree Newbie

    I think I stumbled on this earlier in the market when doing a previous search, did not know it was capable of online backup as well...will check it out, thanks...contacts and apps are one thing since they are all stored remotely already, but losing actual media sucks, and to have what appears to be an inexplicable format of the SD card, worrisome...
  8. FlipDroid

    FlipDroid Newbie

    The same thing happened to me I just discovered. I went to the gallery and all the thumbnails were black. I thought id power off and remove sd card and put it back in to see if it would help. powered back on the entire card is blank, mp3s and pictures were all deleted. The only thing I can figure happened is I was using picswap and once i uploaded my picture it sent back a corrupted picture and maybe messed up the whole sd card? Needless to say that app is now deleted and now I know to just dump my images on to a harddrive every week so that I dont lose valuable images again.
  9. rtillaree

    rtillaree Newbie

    well I don't personally use picswap so I think that would eliminate that variable...
  10. twztdwyz

    twztdwyz Lurker

    r u guys mounting the phone to the computer? if you are and you unplug it without unmounting the phone first u can lose data...android uses Linux and unlike windows you have to unmount a drive before you can remove it
  11. FlipDroid

    FlipDroid Newbie

    hmm...maybe it is an unmounting issue. I cant recall if I did unmount the last time, but I have unplugged without unmounting before and it wasn't an issue. Actually...I mounted to someones Mac recently and just unplugged and thats when my ringtone was reset. So your right thats probably what did it. Lesson learned for me.
  12. rtillaree

    rtillaree Newbie

    I've only mounted the device twice to date, and both times I am positive that I did unmounted the drive...that was one of the first things that crossed my mind, but again I am wicked positive that I unmounted on both occasions...
  13. Julian_Sprite

    Julian_Sprite Newbie

    Hey Guys,

    Try Sprite Backup,
    Its on special (1 buck), backs up twice as much as others, backs up your music, playlists, video etc, as well as standard stuff, into one file for easy copy off to anywhere

    Best thing is it restores also...

    Shameless plug from a Sprite Team Member

    Advanced rich Scheduling feature is probably passed our QA, today... upgrades are free

    We also have a free app called Sprite Mechanic (It does App backup, App restore, Process Kill, and file browsing)

    And Sprite Migrate (beta and free) migrates content from Blackberry, Windows Mobile or Symbian phones to your Android phone

  14. Jerk

    Jerk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm pretty sure I unmounted the card also. I spoke with someone at the Verizon store, and he told me that a file might be corrupted on the phone and that I should do a factory wipe/reset. I'ma do it just in case, I'll also start to back up my photos once a week.
  15. robverb

    robverb Lurker

    I just spoke to Verizon and Motorola and both told me that they have had no reports of this problem happening. While it may be that the calls are so fresh that they haven't worked their way around their systems yet, it is also possible that people on here are not calling in the problems. If it's the second, please let me remind everyone on here that they can't fix what they don't know about. Please call Motorola and Verizon and tell them what happened.

    Verizon: 800.922.0204 (press # at the prompt then 0 to get to a human)
    Motorola: 1-800-734-5870 or 866.289.6686 (press zero at each prompt to get to a human)
  16. Legacystar

    Legacystar Android Enthusiast

    I found out ( this happened to me as well) that slacker radio seems to be wiping the Sd card for some reason. there are comments in the market and other threads claiming this. i unistalled slacker radio for now lets hope that fixes it.
  17. rtillaree

    rtillaree Newbie

    I don't run slacker radio personally, so...I don't think this is the case...I used imeem for a few days, but now it's dead so I uninstalled it...
  18. droid99999

    droid99999 Newbie

    For anyone that has completely wiped their data, can you add some miscellaneous stuff to the SD card, install only Slacker, run Slacker, and see if it wipes the card clean?

    It would help clear up if Slacker is really the cause of the problem.
  19. PostR

    PostR Lurker

    Hmm . . . Slacker may have been the cause for my microSD getting wiped clean as well. Although I've had Slacker installed for a couple of weeks, I didn't start using it until yesterday. I discovered later that all of my media stored on the microSD were no longer found. Coincidentally, my Slacker settings were wiped clean too (Slacker user/pass) were no longer stored.
  20. Sunny_old

    Sunny_old Lurker

    I also had my SD card wiped. At first, I thought it was a result of the droid update released last week. However, my phone was fine for at least 24 hours before my data was lost. The last thing I did prior to having my SD card wiped was run Slacker Radio. Once I logged out, all of my data was gone - pics and ringtones. I did some research and discovered this has been happening to a lot of droid users just after running slacker. I also noticed a lot of people had reported slacker putting pic images on the SD card in the user's personal folders. Since slacker seems to load images onto the SD card, it makes sense that it could possibly have also removed images and such as well. Luckily, I am married to a computer engineer who knew of a pretty cool tool to use to try to recover my data. He put my SD card into a reader and used his windows laptop. He went to the following site and downloaded the free app: Recuva - Download

    He was able to recover all of my photos using the deep search function. I had to manually re-install the ringtones I lost, but at least my photos are all back. In going with my slacker theory, I read that slacker recently released and update on 12/8 which I installed. I didn't run the app, however, until just before I lost my data a few days later. Also, my husband and I noticed at least a dozen or more images on my SD card that I did not put there. I uninstalled Slacker before re-inserting my SD card and my phone has been fine since.

    Hope this helps a bit.
  21. Calinate

    Calinate Lurker

    I just had this happen to me. I had Slacker radio installed for a long time and used it once or twice just to check it out. Yesterday I was driving and was listening to one of their stations. I shut off the car and disconnected my phone. When I got back in the car and tried to listen to slacker again, it wanted me to enter my username and password this time (before it hadn't asked). I took another trip later and it asked me again for my username and password. Today I checked for some files on my SD card for the first time since this happened and the entire card has been wiped clean.

    Just doing some more thinking about this: I had recorded some vidoes that morning before I was listening to slacker. Those are gone as well. I think that pretty much isolates the incident to slacker radio. although I did check some sports scores using Sportstap and CBSSportsline at some point during the day, the resetting of my username and password is what makes me almost certain it was Slacker that wiped the data.
  22. Romee

    Romee Lurker

    If you had any problems with files on your SD card, please make sure you update to 1.0.386 version of the Application for Android.

    This should resolve any issues you may have experienced.

    Best regards,
    Rome E
    Slacker Support
  23. dspsolo2

    dspsolo2 Lurker

    Ya this just happened to me for the second time in 3 days. I have lost over $200 in music and over 400 pictures that i have accumulated over 4 years... (no, not backed up anywhere) Talked to verizon because i am very mad at this point, they wont even admit that its possible that this happened to me and are offering no help. They basically called me a liar and thats it. I just got this phone 2 weeks ago and have not paid for it yet (its on my current bill) i will not be paying this bill or any statement untill this is resolved. If anyone has any way to possibly retrieve the lost media please please let me know. My pirtures are irreplacable...
  24. John Frykman

    John Frykman Newbie

    What do you expect them to do? Replace the irreplaceable? If you don't back up, you will ultimately be SOL with any data at some point in time. One of my HDD's bought the farm recently. Do you think Western Digital should pay me for my lost data? It didn't really matter to me, because everything important was backed up. I got a new drive from them and restored the data from my backup and it was no big deal.

    As far as all the irreplaceable pictures, since you obviously didn't take them with the Droid, where did they come from? You had to copy them from some other media.

    Sorry if I don't sound too supportive, but it is YOUR fault you didn't back up important data. There are numerous FREE backup apps. I use MyBackup. My first (insured) Droid went through the washing machine (thanks, dear). The SD card survived, but none of my apps did. No matter, restored to the new replacement from MyBackup.

    I guess some people have to learn the hard way: BACK UP YOUR STUFF.
  25. robverb

    robverb Lurker

    first, you need to take the card out of your droid immediately. The files are not gone - essentially the card has lost its directory of what it has on it. This means that it will save new information right over. Youj existing files if you use the card.

    Second, download recuva to your pc, put the caRd in a card reader, and follow the steps to recover your files. They may be renamed as 0001.jpg, 002.jpg,, etc. But you should get most of them back.

    Third post back here to tell what you were doing when it happened so user can figure out the cause. Most people (including me) have connected it to Slacker. Had you been using that?

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