My Droid has a Mind of its own

About an hour ago I went to pick up my phone to send a text and for the love of God, I could not navigate to the messaging app. My Droid would just go into different apps by itself without me clicking into them. One time it opened up the app store and clicked into in app and almost bought it!

Ive tried taking out the battery and sd card and rebooting it. But its not helping anything. Now my phone is rooted to BB v1 so should I try going back to stock? Or what should I do?



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Sounds like you need a priest and an exorcism. That's bizarre. Never heard of this.

I'd do a complete data/cache wipe and reload a new ROM from scratch.


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I've seen a few devices with capacitive touchscreens go nuts once in a while. If it never happened before, I wouldn't worry about it. All sorts of conditions like humidity can affect capacitive touchscreens and make them look like they're possessed by some sort of voodoo magic.

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this started to happen to me the other day. i was texting, put it down, maybe 2 mins later while charging it went crazy.
did the battery pulls, restored a nandroid backup, etc. went to verizon that night and already got a replacement.
my original has raised keys, replacement did not. so i was thinking i should try it again to see if it might be back to normal. so after 2 days of almost no use, Ive been using my original again, fully activated, without any problems.
wish there was more of a solution, but maybe just random??

original doesnt have water damage or anything either.


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Like I said before, there are many factors (that is just one) that go into making a capacitive screen act screwy at times. Just try to make sure your hands and the screen are clean and dry, and that's all you can really do about it. This has happened to me on an iPod Touch as well; issues with capacitive screens are just inherent in the technology, it seems.