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My droids' touch screen is going crazy!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ginghis, May 29, 2010.

  1. ginghis

    ginghis Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone had this problem? Is there a fix? I did not take the insurance,can I exchange my motorola droid?
    The past few days the phone was acting up..As if a ghost was thumbing thru the phone????!!!!
    It's like an invisible person is playing with the functions and touch screen......
    I swipe the lock off and the phone just goes off on it's own,I can't control the thing......
    Dialing numbers,browsing the web,enters my settings,changing settings....
    I went as far as to do a master reset of the phone and it still continues. On and on.....
    Every so often,and not so often I can regain control,but it just goes back to phantom mode.
    When I reset it I took the sd card out as well and restarted without the card in and got the same results............GHOSTS......PHANTOMS.
    I'm ready to throw the phone at the wall.....
    Has this happened to anyone??????
    Can it be fixed???
    Is there any harder reboot I can perform???
    I have not rooted or anything different to this phone,It just started happening one day and has became progressively worse.
    I can only assume it was an app that did this.I do have quite a few,but the master reset erased them and it still continues.Maybe an update??? I am constantly updating my apps as they come in.
    I just got this phone from the verizon store late last year. Without insurance can I get a new or get this one fixed without paying an arm and a leg???
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Post #59 by Sam Jones, Jul 2, 2015 (1 points)

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  3. steveb11111

    steveb11111 Lurker

    I have had the same problem with my Droid. I have removed the battery and set it back to "out of the box" functionality. It undertakes actions on its own. It opened up my address book and selected a person at random and called them. It did this over 10 times.

    Last night, it started to dial the telephone and while I was holding it in my hand, it dialed more that 30 numbers in a row. I saw the keypad numbers light up as it was dialing the numbers.

    Does anyone know why it is starting tasks on its own?
  4. mixpix

    mixpix Well-Known Member

    I had that happen when I used a charger that didn't supply enough power. It was going crazy.

    Does yours do it all the time?

    You should be covered by motorola warranty.
  5. mooseyfate

    mooseyfate Lurker

    If you got it less than a year ago (which would be the case, since it came out in November), then you are still covered under the 1-year manufacture warranty. Call Verizon from a landline (800-922-0204, hit 0 a few times) and they'll go through Tier 1 troubleshooting, then get you up to Tier 2 and order a free replacement. Just make sure there isn't any obvious damage or water damage, they will charge you for the replacement if they find this out once they receive it.

    It's a very smooth process, IMO. No worries.
  6. sssmith1

    sssmith1 Lurker

    Well, I guess I'm glad to know that I'm not alone. My phone lost it's mind last Thursday and aside from a few minutes here and there it has been completely unuseable. I went to the Verizon store Thursday afternoon and they agreed to send me a replacement. I hope to have it today.

    I also thought it was an app causing but I uninstalled all apps I loaded in the previous two weeks but it made no difference.

    Does anyone know a good way to transfer "paid" apps to the new phone?


  7. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Your paid apps are linked to your Google account, so that when you activate your new phone and then sign in to your Google account, all the apps that you have paid for will show up in Market as purchased
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  8. Joga717

    Joga717 Lurker

    Does this problem go away lol. I rooted my phone after this started and reformatted and its still going on. It seems like a hardware problem but acts up like a software problem. Its so weird
  9. spryte112

    spryte112 Lurker

    did anyone find a solution to this. My Droid recently started just going nuts. When on, it opens programs at random, I don't have to click anything and it will open this or that. I can't get it to select the middle menu ison of the 3 icons at the bottom. it will select the internet or phone, but not the menu.
  10. Sneakyparrot

    Sneakyparrot Lurker

    I'll chime in with a big "Me Too!" My phone (HTC Hero, OS 2.1-update1) was charged and sitting next to my keyboard at work. I watched the phone wake up, activate the phonebook and randomly dial a number. This has happened a number of times and most of my friends are taking it in stride as a big joke about the "Phantom Butt-Dialer."

    Other times, while scrolling through the phonebook, I'll stop the list and prepare to touch the desired number to call. The list will then jump a few lines and I'll end up dialing the wrong number.

    This OS upgrade seems to have a few bugs to work out, especially in regard to speed of operation and lag issues.
  11. defkorn

    defkorn Android Enthusiast

    No one answered this question. The one time I had things like this happen was when I was using a 3rd party charger. I unplugged it, and phone went back to normal. Switched to a different charger (Motorola) and problem went away.
  12. Feight

    Feight Lurker

    This is not difinitive, but I believe I fixed this issue for myself. I found a page online about someone who had used antibacterial gel on their droid and then later, after their droid went nuts, determined there was a slight (almost invisible film) on their screen that was causing the touch sensors to go nuts and they cleaned it. I wiped my screen like crazy with a screen wipe and it appears to be behaving itself currently.
  13. Rassilon

    Rassilon Lurker

    Unfortunately for me, my phone is 3 weeks out of warranty. So I either have to suck it up and buy a new phone, which I cannot afford, or pay Motorola $75.00 + shipping + parts to attempt to fix it. So much for customer service.
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  14. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Hmm, I never thought that the cleaning agent might be the cause. Let's see if others can test this.

    So, what type of cleaner are you using for cleaning the touchscreen?

    FWIW, I use an LCD screen cleaning gel made by Philips that I bought to clean my monitors- I use the spray-on gel once every 2 weeks or so, and the rest of the time I just use the extremely soft lint-free cloth that came with the gel to clean the surface.

    Never have had my touchscreen go crazy - and I bought my DROID on drop day (it arrived at my house the next day, Sat.). Still have that same unit.
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  15. bobbygoode

    bobbygoode Lurker

    You know this may be it - some slight pressure on the screen (and I do use a lot of that hand sanitizer stuff -. I cleaned the screen and it has calmed down a bit, not all the way. it keeps "paging" through the main screens, and sometimes when online, reading an article, it suddenly starts highlighting links, and rolling the page down. Very weird. Still developing... but thanks for the suggestion.
  16. scdavid1969

    scdavid1969 Lurker

    Talk about the terminator taking over. My droid just started going through contacts and you could even see it browsing the web from you tube to what ever. Looked as if some tech support person was checkingout the system. Could it be 1984? Doubt it but who knows.
    I checked with Verizon tech support. They advised me to do a hard restart since taking the battery out didn't work and people were getting annoyed from computer calling them. I did the restart and cancelled my replacement phone under manufactures warranty. Know the replacements are certified used or new phones. Mainly used but certified by factory techs.
    One week exact and it is doing the same thing. I went to the local verizon store and the lady flipped out laughing. She said it probably was a software glitche and ordered me another replacement. She mentioned it probably was a program I downloaded (pushing blame) saying most of the smart phones with lookout have this problem. Not sure had that for a long time no problem till now. At least this customer service person saw the issue and the last person I called with verizon prior to this heard it trying to dial numbers while we were talking. Good luck. Hope this phone is better or I will just go back to a regular cell phone which is a phone only and a back up to my home line. I do know this not sure if it is Verizon or the smart phones but, I have over 4 to 5 bars on my regular Motorola Razor Alltel phone purchased just after Verizon bought them out. I had to buy a $200 tower for reception for the house for the smart phone and returned over two or three blackberrys due to poor reception.
  17. Mondieu

    Mondieu Lurker

    My Verizon car charger stopped functioning a year ago and I've been using an inverter with a Blackberry Tour charger plugged in to charge my Droid. Horrible results of course as the screen has always been unresponsive. But it went completely rogue last week after I first dropped it on concrete - slight ding on case and 3 minute hunt for the battery - then installed latest CM7. Later on a brief road trip I plugged into the inverter but when I disconnected from the charger it began sending rogue emails and phone calls and surfing the web on its own.

    I had to reboot into recovery wipe and nandroid restore. Now that is where I made my mistake as things just got progressively worst. I unrooted, installed 2.01 OS, still with same problem. Portions of the screen were inoperable as typing a "j", "k", "p" all sent the letter "a" as input. It certainly seemed like it was hardware related. So I went to Verizon; their techs concurred, and they have a guaranteed like new replacement coming to me.

    However, when I returned home I decided to give it one more go. I reinstalled Rom Manager, booted into recovery and wiped cache and Dalvik cache maybe 30 times apiece. I also wiped Data the customary 3 times. I then reinstalled CM7 -winneroo's latest along with Prime's Deprimed kernel and GAPPS of course.

    Success, the phone is performing like new! Screen is responsive in all areas. I am only using the original charger and will order another spare battery for automobile use rather than subject it to the inverter in the car.

    I will probably switch this device for the Guaranteed like-new replacement as the manufacturers warranty was actually 12 days past and they (Verizon) were astonishingly kind enough to honor the warranty anyway!
  18. Rachel2717

    Rachel2717 Lurker

    Hi everyone, I followed the suggestion of the person quoted above and it fixed it for my phone! I wiped it gently with a Kleenex and some anti-static screen cleaner and it was perfect right after that.
    It started acting crazy and I couldn't control it at all right after I washed my face. I had it on the counter (stupid, I know) and accidentally dripped some foamy face soap on it. It didn't cause water damage or anything so I simply wiped it off, then it started going crazy. I guess the soap scum caused it. Good to know. Thanks!!
  19. robbratton

    robbratton Lurker

    I've had both problems mentioned above with my Motorola Droid. It is pretty much unusable when the screen has hand sanitizer on it or when using a non-Motorola charger. I've been successful swith a USB extension (M-F) cable with the Motorola wall block and cable on both ends.

    Please don't take any drastic measures until you try:
    - removing your phone from all chargers
    - cleaning the screen with a LCD cleaner or at least a very soft cloth

    Hope this helps others!
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  20. Tim K

    Tim K Android Expert

    Also, moisture will cause the phone to go bonkers like that. If you have the phone in your pocket, screen against your leg, and you happen to be out and about on a hot day, the moisture from your skin can be enough to trigger this. I've had it happen to me numerous times....sometimes when out working in the yard, and once when I answered the phone after swimming.

    If your phone ever gets possessed like that, try leaving it sit in the sun for a few minutes or hit it with a hair dryer (Don't actually HIT it with a hair dryer - just blow air on the screen to dry it!). It has always bounced back from this problem for me.
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  21. hern2000

    hern2000 Lurker

    I've been having the same problem on and off for a few months but it has now gotten very bad. I took it to the Verizon Store and was told i was basically SOL and had to buy a new phone.

    So I took the phone with me on a fishing trip and left it sitting in the sun all day...the touch screen started working again (not 100% but pretty good). Took it home and popped the battery and left it in a container of rice for a few hours (suspecting that maybe moisture was in the phone) and then turned it back on and voila, it's working again (though it drifts back into malfunction territory after a while).

    I'm going to give it a few more runs through the container of rice to try and dry it out. At this point I'm just trying to get to the point where the Bionic comes out so I don't have to get some intermediary phone.

    Worth a shot for those who are having this issue, try using some sort of dessicant to dry the phone out. Rice seems to work ok, silica or something would probably be better.
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  22. Pigue_IT

    Pigue_IT Lurker

    I've being having this problem for a few days and I believe I've resolved it.

    I bought one of these plastic anti-scratch protections (actually an iPhone one, they didn't have it for Droid) and after some time, the ghost touch problem started happening. When it happened, I just locked and unlocked the screen and it would stop going crazy. But it was diffucult to use the phone having to do that every time.

    So, I've just removed the plastic cover and, so far, it hasn't happened. So, before doing these crazy thing like hard reseting or buying a new phone, just remove anything you have on the screen and see what happens.
  23. Pigue_IT

    Pigue_IT Lurker

    Forget it. The problem has returned. I'm going to send it to technical assistence.
  24. Enygma

    Enygma Member

    Clean your screens people. The oil on your fingers will leave a build up or residue on the screen. This will cause the screen to act up, it's a problem with ALL capacitive touch devices. The same thing happens with my Milestone if I go a few weeks without cleaning it. Just wipe it with a warm damp(not soaking wet) cloth and then wipe it with one of those micro fiber cleaning cloths that most of these devices come with.

    Do NOT use cleaning agents on the phone as they may leave a film behind that will also drive the touch screen nuts. And don't use too much water. If you squeeze the cloth and water drips out it's too much. You don't wan the water leaking into the exposed parts of the phone.
  25. kclausing

    kclausing Lurker

    Last night my husband's HTC Merge (2 days old) went crazy and continually kept calling his cousin all night long. I am taking it back to the store today to see if they can fix this, or we'll try a different phone of the same model. he likes the phone. worst case we got to a different droid.
  26. kclausing

    kclausing Lurker

    Just got a samsung mesmerize (2 days old) and when I use the mail app and I scoll past the first page of emails, it automatically scrolls back to the top. It doesn't want to stay on pages below first page. annoying....
  27. Sam Jones

    Sam Jones Lurker


    1. Clean your screen and get a screen protector. Screens tend to collect dirt and oil from hands or anything basically. Clean your screens.
    2. Get a case. Sometimes being slightly bent being pressed against something hard enough can **** up your digitizer. Most hard cases help prevent your phone from suffering damage from deforming impacts such as falls or accidentally sitting on it or the like.
    3. Charge with it's designated charger. Do not compromise. Charging with a different charger could damage your battery and digitizer.
    4. If you have any task killer apps, battery saver apps, keyboard replacements and anything that would have to override the default setting of your phone... Uninstall them now and reset your phone 2-3 times, helping it completely erase all fragments of the corruptive software. These apps kill android phones.
    5. If you installed apk files that would help support an unsupported plugin or software (examples would be flash apps or the dolphin browser for more sensitive devices) Uninstall them too. They also override android operating systems.
    6. If your phone is glitching so much that it does not allow you to uninstall any of the suspicious softwares mentioned above, turn your device off for 48 hours. Turn it back on to immediately uninstall or completely reset your phone to factory settings. If after resetting and it still continues to glitch, leave the phone off for another 48 hours. Open it and proceed to use without wifi or internet for at least a day. Then, if within that day it does not glitch, you're good to go. You may use internet once again to reinstall your apps. Keep in mind never to install the aforementioned apps into your phone.
    7. If after all these things and your phone continues to exhibit phantom glitching and/or other glitches, proceed to your provider for replacement or technical assistance.
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