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My droids' touch screen is going crazy!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ginghis, May 29, 2010.

  1. aiamuzz

    aiamuzz Lurker

    Same problem ... but not very frequent ... as a result it seems like its possessed all of a sudden !!! If its residue than I would feel relived ... as I was suspecting a hardware issue ... would really be glad If it doesn't turn out to be one as my phone is on cm7 and I can't approach device support.

  2. steltron

    steltron Lurker

    I noticed that my screen started going nuts after snowboarding. Because I would always keep it in my pocket, i never thought anything of it, but I guess the ample water plus a little heat from my body was enough for the water to get between the screen and the lcd, and so I used a blowdryer on it - not for too long, and definitely not too close - but now it works great! just like before.
  3. waggy

    waggy Lurker

    i have been having this same issue. I will say it has nothing to do with heat or moisture. I work from home in a nice heat/ac controlled area. i haven't spilled anything on it and it does not get to hot.
  4. Moshik21

    Moshik21 Lurker

    okay so my droid started out fine but the screen is progresiviy dying. the screen is closing in on it self. You can still see everything but it is unresponsive. at first it was just at the edges of the phone but as time wore on it started getting worse and worse and now its gotten so far that i cant even unlock it. does anyone have anything that would fix this besides costomer service or a new one??
  5. gspbirel56

    gspbirel56 Lurker

    (First post!) I just wanted to post my solution here because it's weird, I've never seen it before, and, well, I think it's pretty cool.

    Okay, so this post is basically dead and I mean come on, who has a Droid these days? And I mean a real, original A855. Well, I do. And the touch screen sucked. I couldn't get it to work no matter what. There was (well, there is still) a dead spot going down the right strip of the screen, and sometimes the touch screen would just grow its own brain and do whatever it wanted to. I even let it go for about 10 minutes yesterday. It started looking up Wikipedia articles, calling people, whatever else, all on its own.

    I tried a ton of solutions. One was to clean it with rubbing alcohol, so I did alcohol + cotton ball; another was direct heat, so not only did I hair dry it, I popped it in the toaster oven on 150 degree (F) broil mode for about 10 minutes. I even factory reset my phone.

    Didn't work. None of this worked. But you know what did?

    Overclocking. Or, rather, removing the underclock. The Droid is designed to run at 800MHz by logic board, but they underclocked it to 600MHz due to battery life issues when running at 800MHz. So, as ridiculous as it sounds, I went to the Google Play store and downloaded No-Frills CPU Controller (depends on Superuser) and brought the minimum frequency to 800MHz, the maximum frequency to 800MHz, the governor to Performance, and the IO Scheduler to "cfq" (I've looked up the difference but forget now; in any case, cfq works better than the other one). Ran it at 800MHz for a couple of minutes, and then brought it back down. Then when I woke up the next morning (this morning), it's still working!

    I hope this helps.
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  6. Vicmanssr1

    Vicmanssr1 Lurker

    First apps.doesnt have anything to do with youre problem its just youre phone is wore out if u get a new front piece to or even a use one and replace it o yea and i got a hard one u can master reset with youre lips !!!!!!!
  7. Ugh when I play pixelgun for like 15 minutes, my keyboard acts up! Its like, when u tap chat.. The keyboard comes up with no buttons but then goes back down! I am so sick of it! Plz help! Btw this is on my LG tablet
  8. Welcome to Android Forums. What device are you using? (You posted this in a forum dedicated to the Motorola Droid phone.)

    ... Thom
  9. Sam Jones

    Sam Jones Lurker


    1. Clean your screen and get a screen protector. Screens tend to collect dirt and oil from hands or anything basically. Clean your screens.
    2. Get a case. Sometimes being slightly bent being pressed against something hard enough can **** up your digitizer. Most hard cases help prevent your phone from suffering damage from deforming impacts such as falls or accidentally sitting on it or the like.
    3. Charge with it's designated charger. Do not compromise. Charging with a different charger could damage your battery and digitizer.
    4. If you have any task killer apps, battery saver apps, keyboard replacements and anything that would have to override the default setting of your phone... Uninstall them now and reset your phone 2-3 times, helping it completely erase all fragments of the corruptive software. These apps kill android phones.
    5. If you installed apk files that would help support an unsupported plugin or software (examples would be flash apps or the dolphin browser for more sensitive devices) Uninstall them too. They also override android operating systems.
    6. If your phone is glitching so much that it does not allow you to uninstall any of the suspicious softwares mentioned above, turn your device off for 48 hours. Turn it back on to immediately uninstall or completely reset your phone to factory settings. If after resetting and it still continues to glitch, leave the phone off for another 48 hours. Open it and proceed to use without wifi or internet for at least a day. Then, if within that day it does not glitch, you're good to go. You may use internet once again to reinstall your apps. Keep in mind never to install the aforementioned apps into your phone.
    7. If after all these things and your phone continues to exhibit phantom glitching and/or other glitches, proceed to your provider for replacement or technical assistance.
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  10. Mikell

    Mikell Lurker

    reply:all I know is that some charges mess up the skeem
  11. Dave Wright

    Dave Wright Lurker

    I had this problem with a second hand handset I bought on ebay. I thought I'd been ripped off but fixed it by CLEANING THE SCREEN!!!!

    When I first got the phone it was a bit dirty so I used an antibac spray and a cloth to clean it up, apparently, this was a bad idea. Last night I removed the screen protector and spent 10 minutes or so cleaning the screen with one of those cloths that come in a pack of screen protectors and the problem has gone away. Highly recommend doing this as it's so simple!
  12. Gerface

    Gerface Lurker

    Um yeah I've had problems that are I denticle I've do something by acsedent in anywhere It can make the census crash, shut down grocery stores into black spots ticket machines will go crazy make hole networks from government to I don't know ay very frustrated and you can't get helped
  13. Welcome to Android Forums.

    The post you quoted is 6.5 years old on the Motorola Droid that is no longer manufactured

    Did you see post #59?
    What phone are you using and what version of Android are you using?

    ... Thom
  14. euphgeek

    euphgeek Lurker

    I just did a Google search for my particular prob problem and this was the closest I could find. I'm having the same issue as everyone else, but it only happens when I'm on a hotel's Wi-Fi. When I use it at home or someone else's house, my tablet works fine. I also noticed that I kept getting kicked off Wi-Fi. This didn't happen with my iPhone. Could I have gotten hacked? If so, how could I tell?

    Edit: My tablet is an Insignia NS-P16AT08.
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  15. Welcome to Android Forums.

    Did you see post #59? My guess is you use a different charger in the hotel ... just a guess.

    ... Thom
  16. euphgeek

    euphgeek Lurker

    Post #59 doesn't appear to resolve the issue for me. I used the exact same charger in the hotel as everywhere else. I'm currently using my tablet to make this post, so it's working fine now. It just didn't work in the hotel I was staying in over the weekend. Or rather, it did at first, but the second day there was when it started going crazy. Ever since I got home, I've had no problems.
  17. Did it happen anywhere else or just at that one location? Some environmental problem?

    ... Thom
  18. euphgeek

    euphgeek Lurker

    Just at that one location. I can't think of any environmental problems. The hotel room was nice, no leaks or anything. It just reminded me of being hacked because random letters were typing and the web pages I was browsing kept zooming in whenever I tried to scroll.
  19. It would seem to be environmental.

    I worked with someone a few years ago with a problem he was having with his touchscreen. He would try to type using the onscreen keyboard and the letters came out wrong. We finally scheduled a meeting and I tried it ... using his phone in my hands ... I typed and it worked perfectly ... I handed it to him ... he typed exactly the same thing and error resulted. Conclusion was that he and the screen were not compatible.

    Perhaps something was happening to the environment in the hotel room that was causing your problem

    ... Thom
  20. euphgeek

    euphgeek Lurker

    Any idea what the environmental issue could possibly be? Moisture in the air? Too cold/hot? Something else?
  21. I have no idea. One of those perhaps. Static electricity perhaps? Room too dry?

    If you ever go back to the hotel it would be interesting to see if the problem happened again.

    ... Thom
  22. miurhz

    miurhz Lurker

    I have a very similar issue by myself.
    But my screen started acting crazy only after the screen replacement. Before it was all good. Screen worked perfectly after changing it as well. I used it for some time and then bam! - crazy screen.

    The strangest part to me is that is works all perfectly fine again after EACH restart of the phone or even after just unplugging the new screen and plugging it back. I can use it for some time then until I lock the screen, and then I come back to it - Bam! - crazy screen.
    But if I lock the screen and unlock it in the first minutes after restarting - it still works fine.
    But there haven't been a time, when it didn't go to the crazy part.

    (Crazy part - screen becomes completely untouchable by me, but touches itself and does whatever it wants. Even if I plug the mouse to it, which worked fine before, the mouse doesn't even appear on the screen during the crazy part.)

    I Have made already several factory resets, also wiped the screen as instructed above, but nothing..
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