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My Epic gets very hot!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Adlebo, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. alphachef

    alphachef Lurker

    Yea - mine too! It got worse after the EB13 update. Now it happens very regularly. Throw in the shut down, and multiple shut downs while recharging the phone.

    The worst is when my phone "freezes" with the bottom buttons lit up, and there's nothing on my screen.

    Has anyone received any fix?


  2. Ren17

    Ren17 Lurker

    This happens to my Epic 4g also, it gets really hot, also sometimes when I try to touch the phone to write something it goes black, any suggestions?
  3. Ren17

    Ren17 Lurker

    My Epic 4g gets really hot also and the screen goes black sometimes when I try to write something
  4. udiaz75

    udiaz75 Lurker

    My Epic gets to about 111 when charging and it takes forever to charge.
  5. la sal

    la sal Android Expert

    Mine did this and Sprint said to just pull the battery.
  6. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    FYI this happened to my Evo the other night. A reboot fixed it, whatever was causing it.
  7. benreaves

    benreaves Newbie

    Anyone know of a cellphone holder that mounts in front of the car's cold air vent (like some soft drink holders)?

    My Samsung Epic 4g always overheats when it's in direct sunlight on long drives. I think it would help to be in direct air flow from AC vent.
  8. benreaves

    benreaves Newbie

    Anyone know of a cellphone holder that mounts in front of the car's cold air vent, like some soft drink holders?

    My Samsung Epic 4g always overheats on long drives. Putting it in glovebox fixes the problem so i think it's due to direct sunlight. Might help to be in direct air flow from AC vent.
  9. traumaj

    traumaj Member

    I got one a few years ago @ autozone. Don't know if they still carry them or not. It was cheap, and has served its purpose in the hot las vegas summers.
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  10. juliei

    juliei Lurker

    My Epic gets very hot from time to time. I just power cycle it and then it gets back to normal.
  11. V.Lee

    V.Lee Member

    Mine gets hot periodically. This is usually after it goes into some weird mode where it's basically non-responsive. And that state seems most often to happen when using a program that tries to access the GPS.

    Usually the screen goes dark, but the little lights below the screen stay on. The power button doesn't work. Removing and replacing the battery seems to fix it and the phone cools right down.

    Otherwise I notice that it's a little warmer than usual after recharging, but not noticeably hot like in the first scenario.
  12. benreaves

    benreaves Newbie

    Thanks. No, mine functions fine - playing stored podcasts, navigating using Google Maps and updating properly. After driving a 3 hour stretch on i-5 in California (AC is on, phone is near my right hand, usually in the unavoidable sunlight) I take a break and upon unplugging power from phone it complains the battery is low. Reinserting power plug gives a battery temperature warning and charging inhibited. I hope this would be averted if I put phone in direct cool air flow. Looking for large selection, will try Autozone
  13. Hopalong

    Hopalong Lurker

    I have the same problem...heating up in back, by the battery. But, when I when I click on "Battery Use" all it tells me is what is using all my battery power, e.g., display, cell standby and phone idle. If you are supposed to be able to see the temperature, I would like to know where this info is found?
  14. benreaves

    benreaves Newbie

    I didn't see the temperature value - only a warning that charging stopped due to "too hot or too cold." Some apps claim to show temperature value, but I'm not using one, because it wouldn't help with the charging problem.
  15. TheLeftCoast

    TheLeftCoast Lurker

    When I bought my Epic 4g last week, the battery life was shorter than the time it took to recharge it (6 hours to charge the darn thing versus a 3-hour battery life), but it didn't overheat. I went back to the Sprint Store and bought a spare battery/recharger kit for $49.99. Now I always have a charged battery, but the battery heats up to 90 degrees F, no matter what I'm doing with it. The only way to keep it cool is to place it face-down when I'm not using it! I am going back to the Sprint Store tomorrow to ask what the heck is wrong with my phone. *sigh* To think I gave up my BlackBerry for this.
  16. benreaves

    benreaves Newbie

    If you're playing music from SD, or browsing over half of the time, or using 4g, then 3 hours to discharge sounds normal. Temp 90F is a bit high. Is that measured on handset surface, or reported by software?

    On my next long drive in a week I'll rest the phone on an ice pack, will report if that helps with the charging issue. Does anyone here know of a car charger that is of reasonable size, regulates to 5v, and filters out the spikes?
  17. msebrell9

    msebrell9 Lurker

    My epic is the same way. So I called sprint and they told me not to use it. Should I be ok to use it. I hate my Optimus s. I'm stuck using the Optimus s as my phone because I was told not to use my epic.
  18. benreaves

    benreaves Newbie

    Sprint is very limited in what they can say. Their customers range from savvy to unbelievably stupid. The charging circuit shuts itself off when the battery is too hot. Also the screen flickers, so I find it's quite obvious when I need to shut it off.

    I haven't experienced overheating since (1) the weather here became cooler, so it's no longer in the hot sun and (2) rooting and uninstalling some builtin apps. Youtube user qbking77 has good easy and reliable instructions to do this. I don't know which of the 2 factors played the major role


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