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My Eris doesn't play YouTube or other Internet videos

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by inalan, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. inalan

    inalan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    For instance:
    when I click on a video on cnn.com, the phone goes through the motions of downloading it and then I get a message: This content cannot play on this device.
    When I go to the YouTube app and click on any video displayed, the message is Cannot play video. Sorry, this video cannot be played.
    The videos that I took with my phone and are stored on my SD are playing OK.
    I called today Verizon Help, the guy I spoke to was dumbfounded. Couldn't help me.
    Ideas, advise anyone?

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  2. JimmyHat

    JimmyHat Well-Known Member

    If you still within your initial 30 day return period, return it for replacement and let VZW figure it out.
  3. Ataranine

    Ataranine Android Enthusiast

    I'm returning mine for a replacement. I'm pretty sure it might have something to do with the update.
  4. Ruben

    Ruben Android Expert

    Just so you know, if you have an issue, and your 30 days are up, you can still go into the store and get it replaced under warranty. Sorry if I am stating the obvious.
  5. Ataranine

    Ataranine Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, it'll be a like new replacement with the update already applied.
  6. seagraves

    seagraves Lurker

    I just got my Eris today and I have the same problem with all videos. How do I find the update?
  7. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    you probably already have the update, the update is what broke it....lol
  8. johnLEE

    johnLEE Member

    yes, i haven't been able to play any youtube videos since the update. not a big deal for me, but i would like it to work since it was working before. fix one thing and another breaks.
  9. google123

    google123 Well-Known Member

    Hey, not to hijack the thread but I hear about people having trouble with Youtube videos and others saying that switching to HD mode sometimes helps. I have opened the Youtube app on my Eris and pressed the menu key but I don't see anywhere to switch the video quality to HD. Am I missing something here? Do I do this in the youtube app or do I have to go to the Youtube website using the browser and change something then/there??? Thanks.

    Nevermind, I just opened the app again, found a video that actually played and found the option in the menu under ...more. Clicked on Watch in High Quality and the app replied, "Cannot play video" crap.
  10. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    you read the post wrong, or the people saying it are wrong.

    you can only switch to hd once the video has started, not in the home screen of the youtube app.

    if you are fast you can hit the video from the youtube app home screen, then when you get the "loading" you can hit menu>more> and watch in HD, but it still fails.
    marwinv likes this.
  11. gener1c

    gener1c Member

    if you use youtube over a 3g connection it gives me this error but it has only been since the update. It seems to only work over wifi just fine. try it with wifi on and see if you get the same results. i noticed this also. hopefully htc addresses the issues. or possibly verizon pushed this on htc to avoid youtube using too much bandwidth on their network. I just hope the issue gets fixed with the next update.
  12. Solitary

    Solitary Android Enthusiast

    it did work for me while using wi fi..but i want it to work on my 3G network..
  13. dsullivan11

    dsullivan11 Lurker

    Do i need to download a convertet so i can play videos anyone pls help
  14. Axsuul

    Axsuul Newbie

    For me, the only workaround is to continue attempting to play the video and it will eventually work.
  15. Its a problem with the update. I cant watch anything either after installing the update.
  16. bsutton1

    bsutton1 Android Enthusiast

    I'm having the same problem. Should I just wait til 2.0 (whenever that is) or go and get an replacement. I just got my phone last week.
  17. dsullivan11

    dsullivan11 Lurker

    Pick a video on you tube keep clicking on it and eventually it plays
  18. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    ^This is true but annoying. I didn't have this issue at first (even immediately after the Android update) but it seems like it happens every time now.
  19. bbrad

    bbrad Member

    Its the youtube app. It broke when the update came out. If you go to youtube using your browsers, you will be able to play the videos (not in HQ though). Hopefully they will fix the app soon. Only affects the eris so far. My friends have moto droids and they work fine.
  20. L0stS0ul

    L0stS0ul Well-Known Member

    The nice thing about having the flash light player is you can go to the youtube.com webpage in the browser and play any video you want. It's only the youtube app that is broken. the browser works fine.

    heh, bbrad posted at the same time :)
  21. shaylih

    shaylih Member

    My you tube still doesn't work when I use the browser with the flash lite. I'm using dolphin, but I tried it with the default browser as well. I get the dancing cirle and the you tube logo on the bottom, but the video never starts.

    I can download the video using dolphin and then I can play the downloaded file. My phone defaulted to the mobile you tube site, m.youtube.com. Could that be part of the issue?
  22. Garick

    Garick Newbie

    same here but no dancing circle in the flash player, just black with logo. Does not work over wifi either. I sent htc an email and all I got was a generic response.
  23. L0stS0ul

    L0stS0ul Well-Known Member

    That is odd, I've definitely got a non-functional youtube app but so far every video I have tried in the browser has worked.
  24. iandlacy

    iandlacy Lurker

    I've narrowed the bug down to some specifics and will be notifying HTC, Verizon, and Android over the next couple of days, starting tomorrow. I have outlined some workarounds for the time being....

    Please read this and bookmark for future information on Android and Devices....

    Android: Bug in YouTube app – HTC Droid Eris | Stag Hacks

  25. gridbug

    gridbug Well-Known Member

    Confirmed: YouTube will play via the browser but is broken when you try to access it from the app. Hope they get this mess ironed out before 2.0 hits the Eris!


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