Feb 4, 2011
For some reason my evo is running so slow, i can't even reply to a message or get off of my home screen without waiting at least 45 seconds. and setcpu lies and says ondemand when its gotta be on performance. my phone died within two hours right after a full charge. :mad:
when i bought my evo it came with 2.1, and it still hasn't let me update it to 2.2, i rooted it and did the nandroid bs. i cant flash my rom, or kernel. im about to take it to a sprint store and ask 'em to just completely flash everything if they can. Can anyone tell me what to do so i don't have to give them my phone with a shitload of apps i never paid for?
1) What is your hboot version?
2) Do you have full root (S-OFF)?
3) If so, what was your root method? (I have pretty good guess if you're on 2.1 still).
4) What recovery do you have/what version (again, assuming you have full root)?
5) What makes you think the governor is on performance? If you open setcpu, and let it sit idle for a minute, does the frequency ever go down?
6) Are you using a custom kernel?
7) Custom or stock ROM?
8) Have you tried a factory reset (data wipe if on custom ROM)?
Have you read through the root for dummies guide at all. It sounds like your phone is in serious need of an overhaul.