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My experience as newbie rooter and upgrade to ICS

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by salla43, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. salla43

    salla43 Well-Known Member
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    Hi Guys

    I decided, because of the terrible copy text function on 2.3.6 to root my phone and upgrade to ICS.

    Within 4 hrs i had successfully rooted my phone following various You tube vids and installed the Chinese repack OS and followed up with the ICS overlay ROM.

    All went fairly smoothly and now i have ICS!

    But there are a few things which do not work...

    Video - doesnt work

    WMA files - will not be even read by the OS at all for some reason - UPDATE: All my WMA's are on the external SD card, but the system only mounts the internal SD Card, I found Poweramp to be able to play my WMAs ok. So, the OS will read WMA files, but there is some lack of native support for playing them.

    I am actually very surprised at how stable it all is, and how much does work.

    And the copy function is now usable whereas before it was all but impossible to use :))))

    So, as one who is pretty mediocre when it comes to such things, I can say the whole process was pretty painless, and the results are very good!

    But I would say, i wouldn't upgrade for the sake of it. I had a specific reason to do it. I lost a good part of the functionality of the phone (ie wma and video loss) to be able to achieve a desired result which was impeding my business use of the phone to a large degree.

    I have been using the phone solely for work since last night, as a test - ie no computer access for work; and now its a seamless thing - ie transition between pc and "phablet"

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