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My experience so far...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rasalghoul, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. rasalghoul

    rasalghoul Newbie
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    Having spent a reasonable amount of time with mine, here is my take:

    I've had one extended "loading" screen that lasted all of 15 seconds, The camera is good for a phone but no world beater and I've had a few apps force close.

    The battery on this thing is exceptional, not good, not great but truly exceptional. I did a 6 hour initial charge then my plan was to run it into the ground and charge it overnight. I'm a serious battery user and would routinely kill 3 batteries a day in my HTC sensation. (admittedly two were chinese ebay specials) Well I fired up the one x and went to it, you tube videos, skype, browsing, texting, phone calls, installing apps, etc etc. The battery still had 30% left when I decided to give up and go to sleep. That was with the wi-fi and 3g on but only the wifi sending/receiving and the screen set to auto brightness. Since then I have used the phone moderately for 2 whole days with no charge needed and also went to a wedding where I took loads of photos/videos, had 3g running, sent/received sms and txt etc and still had 50% battery after 12+ hours.

    The screen is easily the best I have seen on any device, period. Shames anything else out there right now no matter what some "reviews" say.

    The external speaker is pretty weak but sound via headphones is excellent, I tried all the beats settings with various headphones and to my ear it makes a noticeable improvement. The beats audio is also available to any other output via the headphone jack contrary to what other people have said. I plug mine into my iphone docking speaker and it sounds phenomenal.

    I'm not sure what processor issues others are having but mine purrs along happily even while watching massive HD films that gave my sensation and iphone fits.

    All in all this phone feels like the first TRUE advance in smartphones since the first iphone. The screen, battery and OS are so far ahead of everything out there it's laughable.

    The Iphone 5 and SGS3 have their work cut out for them, I'm still on contract for 4 months so if one of those catch my eye I will have a chance to do a little head to head testing. :)

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  2. NikkiC

    NikkiC Well-Known Member

    I agree. I have just swapped over from the iPhone 4S and have been an Apple girl through and through (MacBook, iPad 1 & 2) and was worried that I would miss the iPhone and want it back but honeslty, I am in love with this phone and am not missing my iPhone one little bit.
    It is every bit as good as the 4S and even better when it comes to screen size, sound and general features. I am very glad that I made the change.:D

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